Zen Christmas at OKU

This year, OKU is celebrating Christmas early with its iconic Bento Zet for everyone! before we breakdown more about OKU Christmas Bento, let’s learn more about OKU!

Japanese premium restaurant OKU at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta is helmed by Chef Kazumasa Yazawa. OKU offers a modern take on Japanese dishes combined with traditional flair. Fresh seafood is imported from Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, twice per week to ensure that the restaurant only serves the freshest and top-notch-quality sashimi, sushi and other seafood-based items.

Its Zen-like atmosphere and laid-back jazzy vibes makes it perfect for business lunches, special-occasion dinners and after-work destinations.  Adjacent to the restaurant, the bar and lounge offers the same laid-back ambiance. It is here that diners head for relaxing pre-dinner cocktails or enjoy a post-dinner drink in a cool, jazzy and Zen-inspired setting. Stocked with a wide array of premium sake, whiskies and other spirits, it’s the perfect place for that post-work pick-me-up or an afternoon sip.




Moving on with the special Christmas Menu, Jakartans’ most favourite Japanese restaurant, OKU, comes with several festive offers, such as the Christmas Lunch Bento at IDR 500,000++/personincluding appetizer, main course, dessert and bottomless ocha. The four-course Christmas Dinner is at IDR 700,000++/person.

The whole set of OKU Bento set is perfect for afternoon gathering with your family and friends to celebrate this Christmas! plus the cozy and minimalist ambience of OKU Restaurant add a touch of sophistication and makes you stick around longer. Offering the ideal celebration this December showered with joyful laughter and our longing of quality time.




For Appetizer, you will be greeted with soft and moist signature OKU’s Chawan Muchi, following with the grand main entree of Bento Rice, complete with the following appetizer on the side. For starters, each person will get Kyabetsu ( Crispy Tofu Salad, Aged Black Vinegar Dressing), Konbu Pasta ( Cold Angel Hair Pasta), Tsukune ( Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Ball), Kinoko ( Sauteed Mix Mushroom with Shisho/garlic butter), Tomorokoshi ( Japanese Corn with Garlic Miso Butter) and Spicy Salmon Roll.  

Finally, The Three Main Star of the whole Bento Set. You may choose Barachirasi Don ( Diced Chef Selected Sashimi and Flying Fish Roe) or Australian Beef Katsu ( Breaded and pair with Shiraz Wine Sauce) or Sake Kama ( Grilled of Tasmanian Salmon) with Gohan, Japanese Organic Kaze Rice with Miso Soup and Tofu-Wakame.




  • Barachirasi Don : For those who likes it raw and fresh, this dish is truly irresistible! Generous fresh and colorful sashimi, soft tofu and tobiko on top of warm Japanese Rice and mixed with extra soy sauce goes perfectly together! A Colorful Christmas Treat Indeed! The beautiful flowers on top are also edible by the way.




  • Australian Beef Katsu : Nothing can go wrong with Beef Katsu! But this one is not the typical katsu rice bowl that you usually try on any other Japanese outlet. Each beef katsu on plate must be dipped into the Shiraz wine sauce, then roast it to medium, medium well, or well done, your choice! The Beef is so soft and not chewy at all, which gives it extra extra points.  Another Exceptional dish by OKU that deserves title of the best Beef Katsu in Jakarta, No Kidding!



  • Sake Kama : Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside is the true definition to describe the grilled Tasmanian Salmon. Even though the third choice look simple, but this one is as delectable as the other Bento choice. Perfectly Seasoned Salmon deep to its flesh! every bite is heavenly succulent, leaving no fishy smell at all. and we recommend to add the lemon on top of the salmon to give extra citrus kick in the beginning. A five star dish for this one!


Finally, when it comes to dessert, OKU always takes their sweet treats to another level. If you are looking for the authentic taste of Japanese Dessert, OKU can be your number one choice. To nicely end the whole Bento Course, you can choose between Mizu ( Water Mochi, Kinako, and Anmitsu Sauce). By the way if you haven’t heard about this one, Mizu is one of the brilliant dessert innovation by OKU. The clear light water mochi looks so delicate and elegant, taste airy and light. pair with unique distinctive sweetness on top.



 Last but not least, for the biggest fan of Matcha, you will miss everything if you don’t try OKU Green Sundae ( Sweet Matcha Custard and Azuki)  – giving you the real authentic taste of that bitter-sweet in Japanese Matcha  (which we usually find it very sweet on other places).  Top with chewy mochi and red bean on top. Perfection!



OKU Christmas Lunch Bento and Set Menu dinner are available to order throughout December 2018.
Every guest can enjoy the most authentic Japanese cuisines that will satisfy every foodie’s palate.
Book your table at 021 2358 3896 | [email protected]  and follow their Instagram account : @okujakarta and @grandhyattjakarta 
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