Yellowfin Jakarta Reopens its Doors!

You can’t consider yourself a true foodie if you haven’t heard of the much talked about Yellowfin Jakarta in Senopati (check out their Instagram on @yellowfinjakarta). The original Yellowfin Jakarta first opened up two years ago but has since been revamped – and all for the better. Even if you’ve been you simply must go again! Everything from the interiors to the dishes and drinks have all been reinvented, in a sense, it’s a completely new restaurant.

Yellowfin Jakarta Senopati Cocktail Bar
Yellowfin Jakarta Senopati Sushi Bar
First off, the interior design is simply amazing. Not so dramatic as to take away from the true star of the day – the food – but helps immensely in setting the mood. We went in the afternoon but even so, from the first moment we stepped foot into the venue, it was as though we had been transported away.

What’s interesting to note is that directly across from the entrance is the sushi bar with all the ingredients and talented chefs on display for you to enjoy. To your right you’ll see a fully stocked sake and cocktail bar. The cocktail menu at Yellowfin Jakarta is one that will stump you at first glance – so many options and not enough time. A little secret though, it doesn’t really matter which one you order because almost all of them are amazing and the rest are just as great.

Yellowfin Jakarta Senopati Bartender Mario

Yellowfin Senopati Jakarta Chef at work

The team here at JKTGO are lovers of Japanese food… we’ve been almost everywhere but are rarely ever satisfied. While Yellowfin Sake Bar and Restaurant is certainly a great restaurant and pays homage to deliciously traditional Japanese dishes, if you’ve come here looking for simple, traditional and “authentic” Japanese cuisine, then we recommend you go elsewhere. The new Yellowfin Sake Bar and Restaurant takes you on a culinary adventure. Using the Japanese flavours we’ve all come to know and love, the chefs here sprinkle in bits of western techniques and ingredients to suit Indonesian tastebuds.


Dragon Roll
Yellowfin Senopati Jakarta Deep Fried Hotate Sushi


While you can still get classic comfort food such as a pork katsu don or classic fusion dishes such as deep fried sushi, that’s not where Yellowfin shines. With ingredients as fresh and as high quality as the ones Yellowfin sources, we prefer and recommend simpler dishes that have been refined.

The Salmon Meuniere is a great example of what Yellowfin is here to offer. A simple, elegant dish that highlights the ingredients and uses a combination of western (in this case, French) techniques and Japanese flavours to bring a truly wonderful fusion dish to your table. For those who don’t know, the word “Meuniere” refers to both a sauce and a way of preparation – an unelaborated and rustic way of cooking. The Meuniere is a variation on the widely available brown butter sauce, and while some might contest the use of the name Meuniere in this dish, we agree with it.

Yellowfin Jakarta Senopati

Yellowfin Jakarta Senopati Mentaiko Pasta

Yellowfin Jakarta Senopati Uni Pasta

We tried two pasta dishes that day, a Mentaiko Pasta (the pinkish orange one) and an Uni Pasta (the yellowish orange one) and both were loved. The team was split in half by which one they preferred, but we could all agree that both were unique flavours. The Uni Pasta (Uni is Japanese for Sea Urchin) is the one we’ve decided to talk about today because many Jakartans have yet to try Uni. It’s known for its distinct flavor and fishyness. You either love or hate it (like durian or pete, there just isn’t a middle ground). We think that truffles are to the earth what uni is to the sea – and whether or not you end up hating it, it’s definitely worth a try.
Bye Bye Yellowfin Jakarta Senopati

At the end of the day, Yellowfin Jakarta is one we definitely recommend – for both the ambiance and the food. However, prices are on the higher end, so while we hope you do have the chance to try it, we won’t slight you if you don’t. Just know that compared to other, even more expensive Japanese restaurants in Jakarta, Yellowfin Jakarta doesn’t fall short (it might even be better).

Where: Jl. Senopati No. 42,
Senopati, South Jakarta

When: Sunday – Thursday; 11:00 – 1:00am
Friday – Saturday; 11:00 – 2:00am

More Info: @yellowfinjakarta
+6221 7220 394 / [email protected]

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