XPANDER Tons of Real Happiness

Based on the POWER that XPANDER has, we’d like to demonstrate how XPANDER is able to bring tons of ‘real happiness’ for our customers, the Indonesian families. The real happiness is manifested in the form of ‘carnival amusement park’ that can be enjoyed with the whole family. Today is our first event held in Bekasi. Not only in Jabodetabek area, XPANDER Tons of Real Happiness will also greet our customers and families in other cities in Indonesia until the beginning of next year. We will gradually promote the roadshow schedule to the public to have more people to come visit and share the real happiness.

There will be new brand ambassador for XPANDER in this campaign, as we’d like to call them our “Agents of Happiness”. You will be introduced to our agents of happiness in today’s event. Today, our media friends will witness the ‘Tons of Real Happiness’ for the first time. It is our honor to present to you our campaign, and we’d like to view your honest feedback as it will be our valuable input in our effort to become the trusted and loveable brands for Indonesian customers.





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