Why The F- You Need To Go To Ubud Food Festival

Have you heard about this food festival in Ubud? If you haven’t, then this may be the year for your palate. It’s a three days event, filled with many programs like masterclasses, yoga class, children’s program, and there’s even a party at night with live music. Of course, there will be a lot of delicious food!


This year, there will be many familiar faces that you could meet. Farrah Quinn, Sisca Soewitomo, and Bondan Winarno are just a few of the chefs that scheduled to attend. You can look, listen, and even taste some of their cook. And all of that experience is going to happen in Ubud!

Ubud Food Festival (UFF) is emphasizing on three words this year, “Think, Talk, and Taste”. Not only you’ll have fun with the chefs and the foods, there will be a discussion about the story behind everything that you taste. Because the theme this year is Every Flavor is a Story.

If you like good food, and you’re ready to take the next level (of not just taking pictures of good food presentation), then you’ve got to go to Ubud Food Festival!

UFF starts from May 12 to May 14 and venues are spread on Ubud.

Go to ubudfoodfestival.com to buy tickets now! Check their instagram @ubudfoodfest for more info.

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