Where to Go If You Only Have 24 Hours in Surabaya?

What you gonna do if you only have 24 Hours to spend in Surabaya? So, here’s the guide



Majapahit Hotel Surabaya

Majapahit Hotel in Surabaya is famous for its history during the 1945 independence day struggle. Built in 1910, the architecture stays within its original design until this very day. From the vintage style lobby, to its authentic hallway corners, this place is a favourite among the locals. Also listed as a cultural heritage landmark by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia, Hotel Majapahit is a sight not to be missed.

Vasa Hotel Surabaya

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Another choice for your staycation is the newly opened Vasa Hotel Surabaya. Located in the west are of Surabaya, where new developments are currently on the rise, it is always packed with the town’s most notable socialite.




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Serving Thai food with affordable price and an eclectic bohemian vibe, Mamanoi is most notable for its colourful front door, taking inspiration from Bali’s Potato Head Beach Club. The outdoor section of this place is perfect for brunch dates or afternoon gathering with your friends when the sky is blue and the sun is shining.


Redback specialty coffee

The coffee house is located in line with Surabaya’s golf course area that resides in the affluent western part of the town. Coffee with a spectacular view is always a god idea, and this place promises just that. Most people visit this authentic brewery place for the shielded outdoor section when there isn’t a cumulus cloud on sight, but rainy season only makes it better because you can smell the green grass while you’re having your coffee.



Surabaya Eco Green Bus


Fancy going around Surabaya, but you don’t want to break a bank, fret not, the local government of Surabaya has set up an innovative way to promote their city as well as cleaning them up in the process. How, you might ask? Riding this bright red bus wouldn’t cost a thing except for a plastic garbage in exchange for your enjoyable ride. Not only that you’d be participating in a good cause, you’d also be able to visit the many corners of this city that is included in their route, from South to North, and West to East, you can stop at any time you like from 6 in the morning, to 10 at night, daily. For your convenience, the city now develops an Android App that you can download to track its whereabouts, search : GOBIS Suroboyo Bus if you’re keen.



Ciputra Waterpark

Surabaya is sometimes too sunny for its own good, but when you’re at Ciputra Waterpark, you’ll probably forget that you’re even in a tropical country. This water leisure centre packs a mean punch with its various slides and water-play domes. They are also located in Citraland, or some might say, the Singapore of Surabaya.


Suroboyo Carnival Park

If you’re feeling nostalgic, and does not mind going out like your parents do in the 80s, then you must visit Suroboyo Carnival Park in the south corner of the city. From Ferris Wheel to roller coaster, to booth games and delicious cheap street food, this place is popular forfamilies, young adults, and anybody young at heart.


Surabaya North Quay

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Contrary to popular belief, going out on a date doesn’t always have to be a grand outing.You can always stroll along Surabaya North Quay and sees how the ships lower its anchor like how you do with your heart.



Botanika sby


Another creation by the very same people of Surabaya’s most popular steakhouse, Boncafe,Botanika is the place for their original take on Indonesia’s finest food. From the standard Roti Jala to the unique carbo-packed Nasi Goreng Buah Naga, this indoor space provides an authentic traditional food with a modern twist. With green-inspired murals, and outdoor
area as well as a private function space on the second floor, Botanika is often crowded for dinner.



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Aside from its stylish interior, Domicile is popular for its outdoor garden and pool side that no other place has. Being one of the very first restaurants that reside in the city’s heart, Jalan Sumatera, this place has a dedicated cult-following that grows along the years. Menu specials are also on offer every holiday season for customers with reservations, and Valentine makes this as one of the must-visit place in town.

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