When You’re In BOGOR , these are the 5 treats to have

Rainy City is a nick name for Bogor, all cause the cold weather and yeah it’s often rains. But, that’s not the only reason Bogor is Famous for holidays, Their food is one of the reason. So, here we give you guys 5 treats to have while in Bogor


Pisang Goreng and Combro at Surya Kencana Street


This is one of the famous tempting snack you have to taste! Their Pisang Goreng is crispy on the outside with sweet banana on the inside, and don’t forget the combro, the combination of cassava, oncom, and chili will blow your mouth!

Price : 3.5K/Pcs

Where: Jl. Rangga Gading, beside NGESTI Swalayan


Soto Mie Fauzi


One of the food you must try in bogor is soto mie bogor, and this one is one of the best. This soto is quite different with soto kuning and soto madura, the broth is light along with radish, noodle, cabbage, tomato, meat, and risol. This one is best on the rainy day in rainy city.



Price : 17K/Portion

Where: Jl. Surya Kencana, In front of Gereja Sidang Jemaat Allah Betlehem

Lumpia Basah


You can only find this lumpia basah in Bogor. This Lumpia is unique, it’s a stir fry Tofu, ebi and yum wrap in Lumpia skin. Worth to try!

Price : 13K/Portion

Where : Jl. Surya Kencana No. 89, Near The NGESTI Swalayan


Pepes Sagu



This unique dish is made by sago. They have 3 variants which is, pepes sagu with banana, Banana cheese, dan jackfruits. Weird but delicious!




Price : 3.5K/Piece

Where : Jl. Surya Kencana, near Soto Mie Agih


Bir Kocok

Image result for bir kocok suryakencana


Made from ginger, cinnamon, granulated sugar, and palm sugar, this beer gonna make you drunk with the warm and sweet sensation. Served cold, but the warmth of the ginger will make you feel like a cuddle.

Price : 5K/Glass

Where : Suryakencana Street No.291-299

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