What to Expect from KHUNG

Hear-hear fellas! Another new restaurant by ALL In Group has come to town! Say hello to the newest member in the family, KHUNG! It’s our second time visiting the restaurant (the first time was their grand opening) and we’re still amazed with the cosy atmosphere and beautiful interior. Thematic interior is definitely their forte. The place is very bright in the afternoon because of the sunlight streaming through the window. It’s definitely your kind of place to hang out and have a little chit chat with your friends.

They serve Modern Asian cuisine with a twist. We tried some of their recommended menu:

Laughing Pau – Smoked Roasted Duck // IDR 55.000

Two pieces of steamed folding pau with sliced duck meet & hoisin sauce. The taste is okay and we think it would be perfect as a starter.

Silk Route Noodle // IDR 92.000 (NON HALAL)

Pork charsiew, crispy pork belly, crispy soy braised pork. Personally, this is our favourite of the day. The portion looks small but turns out it’s enough to satisfy our hunger. The noodle is served with a bowl of warm broth and meatballs.

Khung’s Orange Molten // IDR 63.000

Brownies sponge, pop up candy, orange, almond caramel, honey biscuit, vanilla ice cream. This is a MUST TRY dessert when you’re at KHUNG! It’s sweet yet still refreshing because of the orange molten lava cake. How to eat it? Break the molten lava cake and let the orange fluid flowing into the glass. After that, push the lava cake and biscuits into the glass and mix it together!

Overall, foods are taste wise and definitely worth a try. But, this time we also want to highlight their cocktails! Cocktails are something that you can’t miss on your visit to KHUNG because of its stunning and unique presentation.

Goji Mint // IDR 114.000

Vodka, Cherry Brandy, Raspberries & Black Currants, Goalpara Tea, Fresh Mint, Lemon.

Mango Royale // IDR 136

Vodka, Cointreau, Mangoes, Basil, Passion Fruit, Goalpara Tea & Soda.

These two are very unique because they present it with ‘icy balloon’. The waiter explained that they made this ‘icy balloon’ to keep it cold even on hot weather. If you prefer something lighter in the afternoon/evening, you can order these cocktails.

Shonzu Whizz // IDR 156

Vodka, Rum, Ginger, Fresh Mint, Lemon,Vanilla, Goalpara & Ginger Tea. This one is very interesting especially with the flambé style. It’s one of their recommendation to us.

So, what to expect from KHUNG? Cosy place, cool cocktails and delightful meal!

When: Monday – Sunday / 10:00 – 02:00 AM

Where: Plaza Indonesia Level 1
Lobby Central

More info: +6221 2992 1912

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