Welcoming Taiwanese Cullinary To Jakarta : FORMOSAN Kitchen & Tea Bar

There’s nothing more mouth-watering than a series of Taiwanese comforting food, one of Asia’s finest cuisine to be proud of. However finding one restaurant that is devoted to the true authentic taste of Taiwanese local dishes in Jakarta is still like searching a needle in a haystack, since it can be quite difficult to duplicate Taiwanese rich and stunning mixture of flavor.

Influenced by Taiwanese original taste, the birth of Formosan in West Jakarta introduces modern dining concept with a touch of sophistication to its ambience and genuine flavors of extensive Taiwanese Cuisine, Fusion Taiwanese & Indonesian food and of course wide variety of Taiwanese tea and the legendary Brown Sugar Milk tea are all heavenly treats.  Formosan is located at previously known as My Warm Day, at Lippo Mall Puri Ground floor right adjacent to apparel stores.



Spilling the tea a lil bit here, Formosan managed to create its recipe from Taiwanese Chef who actually is a food expert in Taiwan. He would come by to Indonesia and visit Formosan for quality check and bringing his latest recipe or maybe what’s happening in Taiwan culinary world. Also most of the raw ingredients are imported in their highest quality all the way from Taiwan. Now everyone can understand why Formosan can offer true Taiwanese culinary experience.  But worry not, Formosan is 100% HALAL, NO PORK.



One most favorite item from Formosan that you should have on the table is Mapo Tofu & Beef Bowl. Sweet, Spicy, Savory and Creamy all in one bowl! Unlike any other Mapo Tofu in Jakarta that tends to be mushy, and usually serves small cuts of tofu, this dish has the complete balance of flavors, texture and size from the elements incorporated. The Mapo Tofu has large bite size with perfect amount of sauce that is why it doesn’t turn soggy, its savory with a hint of mala spice at the end. The beef slices are sweet, savory goodness, it taste even better with soft boiled onsen egg. And when everything is mixed altogether, it’s incomparable.


Mapo Tofu & Beef Bowl


For those of you who love spicy, you gotta love Formosan. Literally many of the dishes here have a hint of spicy that comes from imported Taiwanese Mala seed. Sichuan Spicy Beef Hotwok is the dish you ought to order specially for you who love spicy food, because from the first bite you will feel the Mala spice kicks in till the back of your throat. But the spicy beef broth is somehow addictive.


Sichuan Spicy Beef Hotwok


Taiwan culinary universe is also strongly linked to its icy sweet treats. Even back in Taiwan, dessert is considered as a meal that people loved the most.  Formosan has a range of Taiwanese traditional dessert, on the top list is their Taiwanese Q dessert with the perfect Q texture (Q texture is to Taiwanese what umami is to Japanese and al dente is to Italians). The sweetness of the dessert is not crazily overwhelming which we really appreciate. The dessert here also can be served as afternoon knick knacks!


Taiwanese Q dessert


Signature Ume Tea


Also retaining some popular menus from My Warm Day, you can still find your favorite Curry Omurice or Taiwanese Beef & Egg Gravy on rice.



A sustainable Restaurant shall consist of Excellent Service, Good Food, and Comfortable Ambience to survive in the Hospitality Business. And Formosan has exceptional quality of all three points above. We are positive that Formosan will successfully crowds the city within the next few years.

Find Formosan at Lippo Mall Puri, Ground Floor, West Jakarta. For inquiries : [email protected] / IG Account :

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