JKTGO Weekend Guide: November 2017 [Part 1]

9 weekends to go before 2017 ends, so let us help you to prepare the very best weekend this November! Our ‘JKTGO Weekend Guide’ will pop out every Thursday on week 1 and week 3 every month so keep your eyes on our website!

1. ‘Cho-Chicks’ Spicy Chocolate Chicken by KFC

Photo: Courtesy of @eatandtreats

This weekend is the perfect time to try the newest menu from Kentucky Fried Chicken, ‘Cho-Chicks, Spicy Chocolate Chicken’! It’s gonna be sweet yet spicy in your mouth for sure. They use chocolate for the sauce and yes, it’s chocolate for real! Curious much? You better try it immediately because it’s LIMITED EDITION people!

This new menu is available at every outlets.

2. Mango Sticky Rice Tart by Benedict

Photo: Courtesy of @benedictjakarta

Mango fever is still ON! And now Benedict is joining the hype. They transform the iconic Thai dessert Mango Sticky Rice into a beautiful tart! It’s launched yesterday at both Benedict Grand Indonesia and Pacific Place. Pastry Chef Charins Chang has done a very nice job in making this Mango Sticky Rice Tart. Two thumbs up!

When: Monday – Sunday / 10:00 – 22:00

Where: Benedict Grand Indonesia & Pacific Place

More info: +6221 2358 1238 (GI) / +6221 5797 3742 (PP)

3. Jakarta Street Food Festival at La Piazza

Photo: Courtesy of @henjiwong

If Mal Kelapa Gading is listed on your ‘this weekend’ list, pay a visit to Jakarta Street Food Festival and delight your tastebuds with variant foods and snacks! You can find some of the popular tenants such as BAGOJA (Bakso Goreng Gajah), King Mango, Seblak Jeletet Murni, Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih, Kibo Cheese, and many more!

Hear hear people, SHEILA ON 7 will perform on 11 November! Check their instagram for more details.

When: Friday, 27 October – Sunday, 19 November 2017

Where: La Piazza Mal Kelapa Gading

More info: @mkglapiazza

4. Gegap Gempita

Even Halloween was over, you can still wear your best costume and come to dangdut-themed costume party in town, Gegap Gempita by ISMAYA Live! It’s gonna be held at The Establishment Jakarta this Saturday. There will be special performances from Dipha Barus, Kallula, Diskoria, Jidho and many more.

Buy your tickets now!

When: Saturday, 4 November 2017

Where: The Establishment
Lot 6 SCBD

More info: [email protected] / +62811 150 4770

5. Museum Macan

Museum Macan will finally open their gate on 4 November. You can be a part of their inaugural exhibition ‘Art Turns. World Turns’ starting this weekend. Be the first to experience the leading modern and contemporary art museum in Indonesia! We’re very sure that the place will be super duper cool.

Btw, did you know that ‘Macan’ actually stands for ‘Modern and Contemporary Art in Indonesia’?

Buy your tickets now!

When: Saturday, 4 November – Sunday, 18 March 2017

Where: Museum Macan
Wisma Akr, Jl. Panjang No.5
West Jakarta

More info: +6221 2212 1888 /

6. Brightspot Market

Another event that you shouldn’t miss this weekend is Brightspot Market! This time, they partnered up with Grab as their official ride buddy. Meet over 180 vendors booths from all segments; fashion, food, lifestyle, beauty and art. There will be music performances, art exhibitions, workshops, screening and many more. Grab your buddies and let’s go!

When: Friday, 3 November – Sunday, 5 November 2017

Where: PIK Avenue Ballroom Level 7
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta

More info: @brightspotmrkt

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