Waxhaus for Hair Situation 101

Have you ever heard this famous saying about loving yourself first before everything else? Well this statement about self-worth is somehow true. You can start from simple things about you, like to start taking care of your physical attributes is a must! People these days always complaining about not getting hitched and it’s sadly becoming a trend now on social media. Well to all ladies and gentlemen who are reading this, according to the Law of Attraction understanding the core of self-worth first is essential before you attract your significant other, and it also helps you to be attractive and aesthetically pleasing to get yourself new friends, jobs and others.



The basic but most important part for both guys and girls is having clean and flawless skin, people are willing to spend millions just to achieve smooth clear skin, since it covers your whole body part from head to toe, you don’t want to it looking dull, rough especially hairy ( can be a huge turn off ). Moreover, since skin-care is usually quite pricey it somehow changes the perspective of people that everything related to skin maintenance is crazily expensive, especially when you have to go to a specific salon or clinic for skin treatment (sounds like a luxury treat!)


But what if one skin treatment turns out to be a part of your daily necessity? Imagine how much you should spend every month. Coming back to avoiding dull rough hairy skin, we all know that waxing is the perfect treatment for this skin problem, but y’know hair grows back quickly, which means you need to go back and forth for a waxing treatment especially if you really have hairy skin! And finding the perfect Waxing Salon that has it all (painless, affordable and trusted) can be a struggle.



Just in case you are not familiar with the name. WAXHAUS is highly recommended and it’s 100% #JKTGOapproved! In terms of Price, it is super-friendly and approachable for everyone, even for you guys who are still in school, the price is still reasonable for your budget. In Terms of Service, without Doubt, Waxhaus is by far the best one so far! Not only your treatment is handled by professional who ensure your comfort, and hygiene during the treatment but also they offer you some kind of guarantee, if there are still any hair left, you can come back till the next 5 days and they will finish it off for FREE!



Waxhaus also uses natural ingredients and sugar waxing method which is suitable for sensitive, oily, normal skin, or even if you are prone to rashes. And Waxhaus ALWAYS use disposable Wax Strips and No Double Dipping! And also to add extra Fun and extra miles service for you, disposable brazilian and head sheet, branded face cleanser and petroleum jelly for eyebrow threading, special towel for brazilian service and many more.



FUN FACT: Every outlet of Waxhaus has its own unique appealing design, it’s Fun, Vibrant and comfortable for customers to enjoy their waxing time!



And introducing their newest outlet in Blok M Plaza, Level 5, the ambience inside is adorable, petite and just homey. Honestly it looks much more like bohemian café in Bali rather than a Waxing Salon, so it is not intimidating at all.



And the waxing treatment goes a long way, from full legs, arms, bikini line, chest even your hair fingers can be done here. And as for Threading, you can go for every area of your face from lips, ears, forehead and of course, eyebrows!


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