VIEW – A Wonderfully Weird Restaurant

From layers and textures – to different kind of flavours in a plate, VIEW has definitely seal our year with a sweet kiss.Fairmont View Jakarta
It’s been a while that Fairmont Jakarta has been setting it’s front in the city of Jakarta, and so far, people (including us) are loving it. However, not a lot of people know that it has a well hidden gem on the 22nd floor – called VIEW, a fine dining restaurant. Helmed by Chef Hans Christian, this fine restaurant may look simple at a glance — but boy oh boy, their food is way beyond the word of simplicity. Our special thanks to Felicia Setiawan, for having us.
Fairmont View Jakarta
Fairmont View JakartaVIEW kicked us off with a sensational amuse bouché – dried watermelon wrapping a fine tuna tartar (served in a hand, literally!) One of the notable signature of VIEW is the iconic multilayered flavour in a menu! So be prepared to taste so many flavours within a single bite.
Fairmont View JakartaThen on, we head up to the appetiser, we had the Dry Aged Beef Tartar – a wonderfully constructed appetiser – made of Rempeyek (a traditional Indonesian cracker) – served in Puffed Mustard, Kenikir Emulsion, and Nasturtium, you can’t barely smell / taste the rawness of the beef. SIDE NOTE: Order the Pork Belly! It’s a killer!
Fairmont View JakartaIf you’re a veggie fan (or wish to try something new), you can try the Vegetable Various Ways – a gastronomic adventure of 12 different types of vegetable, served in various ways! This is one of the most inspirational dishes we’ve tried this year! Kudos! Fairmont View JakartaIf you wish to skip the entreé, head on to the main course for their Beef Short Ribs (IDR 469k Followers) in Sweet Soy Sauce. This dish literally blow our mind apart! The tenderness of the beef – and crispy feel, this main course is the BOMB! SUPER SUPER GOOD! Your second choice (or an additional menu), is the Juniper Lacquered Duck (IDR 380k).Fairmont View Jakarta Fear not of the duck as this duck does not have that duck smell. It’s simply a divine choice. Apart from these menu, and you wish to taste something more familiar, the Free Range French Chicken is served with Foie Gras & Truffles! (always, a little surprises for everyone)
Fairmont View JakartaFairmont View JakartaAnd for the dessert, follow others with A Walk in The Park (IDR 150k) – a whole chocolate haven on a plate! It’s like you’re exploring your dessert piece by piece! BUT! There’s also another menu that you can’t miss – the Stone Roses (IDR 150k) which are filled with Lychee Cream!Fairmont View JakartaThus, completes the journey of our quick escapade to VIEW at Fairmont Jakarta. We must say that after a while of fine dining fasting, VIEW really brings to the table, a true meaning of fine culinary journey, in that weird, and wonderful way! Ps. Be sure to book them for your Christmas dinner – we don’t need to say why!

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