DETOX?: Jakarta’s current obsession: juice detox. Everyone is doing it and lets see why you should.

HOW DOES IT WORK: Every juice detox sellers have their very own programme. But we tried one of the most famous one in town, Urban Remedy Indonesia. Its basically a juice fast – where you’re not allowed to eat anything other than drinking the specially created juice. There’s a one day cleansing program, or a three day cleansing program – which all has been designed by a special nutrionist. We take the one day cleansing program. We were a little out of shape – with the current parties, and constant food tasting, so we decided to see how it goes. Urban Remedy is definitely helpful. They emailed us constantly about shipping process, and what to do-and don’ts before your program starts. And what we love is how they recommend what you can eat or no when you’re having a meeting outside. So it’s really helpful. The program actually starts 2-3 day before the juice detox as you are suggested to reduce intake of carbs, wine, and other sorts of alcohol and start eating vegetables only to get your body ready. This is also to cleanse your deepest part of your body before the juice kicks in – to ensure a thorough deep cleansing. If you’ ever conduct any form of diet, this diet should be piece of cake. We have to admit that it’s a little bit of frightening for us – however, being the usual meat eater, we only have dizziness the day before the detox. But on that day, boy, we’ can do everything on a full speed!
BUT NO EATING? One thing that we find very unique is how we’re supposed to chew the juice. No, there’s no pulps or chunks of fruits within. But it’s just to stimulate your brain that you’re eating something. Smart eh? And yes it works – no hunger for us at all.
HOW MUCH IS IT? For a one day cleansing programme – the cost will be IDR 600,000 for 6 juices – and IDR 1,800,000 for a 3 day cleanse. Juices will be sent out to you a day before to make sure its fresh all the time.

THAT’S QUITE EXPENSIVE – IS IT WORTH IT: Yes we do have to agree its quite expensive. But as a very slight budget people in this town, this is definitely one of the best investment I’ve taken. We used to have a big-belly, but after this, it shrinks automatically – and it somehow reduces and awaken your conscience that only healthy food from now on. No, we’re not being hyper. It just works – till now. The detox managed to put down 1 kg in a day – but what we love is how it throws us back in the game of being healthy, and fit. Which till now, 3 weeks after the fast, we managed to reduce our body weight to 4 kg!
IS IT FOR MALE/ FEMALE: It’s for both – our editor that tried it out is a man and he still won’t shut up about his transformation. So be sure to give it a shot.

HOW DO I CONTACT THEM: You can contact Urban Remedy by calling +62 812 946 3113
Follow them on Instagram, @UrbanRemedyIndonesia

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  • Goutam Dasgupta

    Need to know in details and address near central jakarta

    4 March 2015
  • How long the juice can be kept? Don’t we often hear that we shouldn’t consume fruit juice that has been kept for long time. We should drink fruit juice as soon as the juice is ready.

    7 April 2016
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