Unique Classes in Jakarta

To answer some of you who questioned about recommended things to do, JKTGO Team made a list of unique classes in Jakarta so you can learn a new skill to develop yourself. Through these classes, you can also meet new people and make new friends. See, these are the proofs that Jakarta never runs out of cool activities!

Kung Fu Wing Chun

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It’s time for you to unleash your inner Ip Man! Wing Chun is one of the traditional Chinese martial arts. It’s commonly used for close range combat. As we all know, this martial art is very popular since Ip Man movie was released. Good news is, you can also find many places to learn Wing Chun in Jakarta.

Click these for more details about their location:
1. Wing Chun Perguruan Harimau Besi
2. Tradisional Ip Man (TIM) Wing Chun Indonesia
3. Wing Chun Naga Putih

Viva Brazil Capoeira

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Capoeira is a very well known activities in the world. This Brazilian martial art combines music, art, movements and rhythm. That’s why, you can tell that Capoeira is not only a sport but also an entertainment. Viva Brazil Capoeira has promoted this Brazilian culture since 2003. So, there’s no doubt that they’re one of the best in Jakarta.

Click here to find out their location!

More info: +62812 8877 8989 / [email protected]

Horse Riding

Horse Riding would also be a great idea for your weekend getaway. Whether you’re a pro or beginner, you will be thrilled to experience the excitement of horse riding. It’s extraordinary and full of fun!

Check out these cool horse riding places around Jakarta:
1. Arthayasa Stables & Country Club
2. Anantya Riding Club
3. Jakarta Perkumpulan Equestrian Club Sentul

Bellydance Jakarta

Bellydance Jakarta is Indonesia’s premier Middle Eastern dance centre. This foundation is founded by Christine Yaven, a pro who has learned from world master teachers for more than 10 years. You can also hire them to perform at events like wedding, birthday party or any special occasions.

Find out their next classes by clicking here!

More info: +62817 9813 346 / [email protected]

Paint & Sip with Bartega Studio

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Bartega Studio is actually an event organiser, specialising in hosting acrylic painting workshop. What makes them special is they also provide alcohol beverages so every participant can also socialise with others and relieve their stress. Just like the tagline; paint and sip! They are also open for collaboration so feel free to contact them.

Click here to find out their upcoming sessions!

More info: [email protected] /

Workshop Platforms

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If you’re looking for one day class or creative activity to spare your weekend, you can also visit these several platforms and find many interesting workshops:
3. Suar Art Space

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