Two Stories Behind Maketh

Have you ever heard the common phrase “Don’t judge the book by its cover”? This is what Maketh is all about, a petite humble café nestled on the side street of Sunter, and in between the bustling road can be a little bit skeptical at first sight, but when you step inside, that is when all the surprises happen.  Just like going beyond Alice in Wonderland small magic door, Maketh turns out to be more spacious than what it seems to look like. Upon Arrival, you will be greeted by this splendiferous gigantic Marilyn Monroe in striking colorful colors on the wall.



The two stories café gives you choices of seating option. Should you wish to keep yourself in the zone while day-dreaming, looking out the window and getting lost in your head, Maketh had seating are in front of the barista table and behind giant glass door where you can enjoy the sunlight while watch the hustle bustle outside. Or if you wish to have a meeting and feeling like it’s a work outside from the office kind of day, their main dining area can be the option for you. Maketh even create indoor smoking area with Air-conditioning on 2nd level, like obviously, it’s kind of difficult to find indoor smoking area in a restaurant nowadays.




Presenting all day breakfast and rice bowl as the main star of the menu, Maketh has what it takes to elevate the quality of taste and food presentation for newcomers in F&B industry, especially for café venture.

Beyond our expectation is what best describe the food here; it is not the typical café meals you with “so-so” taste that you thought it would be.  Without further due, feel free to scroll down for the full review :

  • Avocado Salmon – IDR 60K

(All day breakfast menu, Toast with plenty of avocados and thick salmon meat on top with additional edamame and special dressing)



Just reminiscing of how bold and very well composed the dish was, makes our mouth water and thinking for a second visit. For 60 thousands you can get this light yet flavorful toast, the salmon is cooked perfectly, well-seasoned and the avocados with the dressing just add creaminess to the dish. For Australian brunch toast that tasted this good, can cost you above IDR 80K-90Kish in other restaurants.


  • Banana Bread – IDR 45K


Serves with Vanilla Ice Cream and Fried Banana on top! Mostly, banana bread is very compound where it causes the bread to be very thick and cause the inner part to be dry and crumbly. But this one right here just cut through like butter when you slice into it. It’s thinner than the usual banana bread, which tasted more light (perfect for dessert)


  • Crispy Pork Matah & Beef Yakiniku Beef Bowl



Just like every other menu, Maketh rice bowl series has a great component incorporated to each kind of rice bowl : complete with veggies and protein! The Crispy Pork Matah successfully placed its sambal matah as the center highlight, it’s spicy, citrusy sour with a hint of sweetness. For the beef yakiniku, it got veggies, eggs and beef as the protein, a complete lunch package for your diet.

Overall Maketh is a newly established restaurant that can be your next hang-out spot in Sunter. Especially if you are feeling a bit under the weather, Maketh coffee and meals can be your mood booster and sweet indulgence.

Where: Jalan Danau Agung II Blok C18 No.15A

Instagram Profile: @maketh_jkt

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