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The wait is over to see what we really had in Avec Moi. As a part of our Dining Guide with AQUA Reflections, we take a stroll to Avec Moi – the latest casual French invader in the city. Yes, Arnold Poernomo himself has approved and curate this article before we publish it! So, as always, let’s get started. Avec MoiSituated at the hidden complex of Thamrin City Office Park, Avec Moi is started by newlyweds, Romano & Chenny. After spending years in acclaimed fine dining restaurant of Gunther’s at Singapore – Romano decided to open his very first casual french bistro. Reason behind is that he wishes everybody to have a chance to try the real treats of modern French cuisine – without spending that extra cash. Chenny herself is also a fine addition to the team – making sure that the restaurants order went out smoothly. Avec MoiThe restaurant consisted of 3 floors – each with its own decoration. The first floor is a casual minimalist setting, where on the 2nd floor is heavily packed with ginormous bunny chairs (which has become an audience favourite!). And the third floor is the bar – serving fabulous cocktails with a picuresque view of Jakarta’s fine skyscrapers. Avec MoiFood wise, its one of our favourite restaurant in town – and we even went there several times after our first try. It’s simply heaven & affordable. If you’ve never been here, try the Foie Gras for your starter. This fine treat is complimented with mini pancakes & apple sauce which creates an extra zest of the crisp skin of the foie gras. The Fouie De Pouilet (chicken liver) is also an hidden menu that you must try! Most of the guests are given a try of this fine dish – and can’t even guessed that it’s liver. This menu is said to be one of the top selling items. Avec MoiFor the main courses, what you should never miss is the Steak Frites – which is adored by one of our editor (yes, he won’t stop talking about it until now). He himself is never a steak fans. But after trying this fine cut meat, our editor finally found his true love. Avec MOiThe other dish you should try is the Bacon Carbonara – which is also a top selling item in this dining place. Served with boiled eggs, and fine bacon – scattered across the meal, one could simply asked for a better dish.

Avec MoiAnd last but not least, if you’re a burger lover (even if you’re not), you should try the Pork Belly Burger. Most of the guests are said to fall in love with this dynamic meal. Served with a chunky homemade patty, the big cuts of Pork Belly will be sure to slowly melt in your mouth. Psst. Be sure to compliment your meal with Aqua Reflections Sparkling Water. It’s so bubbly!

Avec MoiSimply said – this restaurant is a must try, and what we can say, one of the best restaurant in the city. With the fine creations, French food has finally made its way to the society! So see you in a bit and keep on sparkling!

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