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The new upscale Japanese dining restaurant Oku in Hotel Indonesia Kempinski has stolen everyone’s heart with its menu and ambiance. Place are minimalist and cosy, with wooden interior and natural light flooding in from the floor-to-ceiling windows. While waiting for a friends to come, you can also sit at their bar and enjoying their classic Geisha’s Karma or the acidic Yuzu Cosmo. Their charcoal grilled eel and chocolate mousse are the best!
Hotel Indonesia Kempinski OKU Japanese Restaurant

Akira Back

Also a newcomer. Rumour has it that its owned by one local celebrity (who’s super pretty) – its also created by one of Las Vegas’ beloved Chef, Chef Akira. Its a fine dining place folks – food here is said to be great but not in a very large quantity.

Akira Back Jakarta
Sake+ is a unique Japanese restaurant, located in Senopati area. In fact, they are the first restaurant in Jakarta that serve the most extensive selection of Sake and Sochu with more than 101 varieties! So in here, you can eat and drink while catching up with family or friends. Their specialty are sushi, robatayaki, yakitori, chef’s omakase, and sake of course.
sake plusPhoto: Courtesy of
Another Japanese Restaurant in Senopati that is worth to try. Izakaya Issei at is a Japanese restaurant, serving various Yakitori, and Donburi. This intimate dining spot has been hailed as one of the finest establishments at the South Jakarta district. A nice place for your great escape on weekend.
Izakaya Issei Jakarta
Ah, the always crowded place at Grand Hyatt Jakarta. Its always packed – so you not need be afraid of its fantastic quality. A must try.
Sumire Sushi Grand Hyatt
Located at one of the glamorous dining places in Jakarta: Altitude. A brief note is that Altitude has 3 places: one for Australian fine dining place, another one for Italian, and last for Japanese – which is Enmaru. Menu is said to be great for Japanese food enthusiast. So why not take your friends, and lover here. Plus, the view is superb.
Daitokyo Sakaba
Daitokyo Sakaba is one of the great places to eat in Little Tokyo, Melawai. This hidden gems will satisfy your hunger with its cuisines. The ambiance is also very Japanese, you will forget you’re in Jakarta for a little while. In here, you can grill your own meat or just leave it to the chef. Their beef tongue, buta bara, and Yakitori Don are the bomb!
daitokyo sakabaPhoto: Courtesy of
Kaihomaru is also located in Little Tokyo, Melawai. It’s a casual place and they serve the freshest sushi in town because they made it right after you order. Their sashimi are excellent!
kaihomaruPhoto: Courtesy of
Sakana offers you the famous Izakaya gastronomy with plenty of Japanese foods and drinks with reasonable price. Red, white, black are the dominant colours in here. It’s modern but you can feel the traditional Japanese ambiance at the same time. Japanese liquor is also available.
Iseya is one of the hidden and exquisite rendezvous spot among city’s elite. It may be one of the priciest dining spot for Japanese cuisine out there. But people kept coming back for more – you’re in?  Share your comments and rate these places if you’ve been here folks. After all, a second opinion is always more than welcome.
Iseya Robatayaki Jakarta

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