5 Things to Do in Jakarta At Least Once in Your Life

As a Jakartan, you need to experience these at least once in your life!

Using Public Transportation

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Once in a while, you need to go out with public transportation. The popular one goes to TransJakarta. People tend to use it to strolling around because it’s easy and affordable. Other than that, you can also spot the new (and cute) four-wheeled bajaj called ‘Qute’ to explore the city. We think it’s the perfect time to try it out, right? And, for those of you who wants to seek popular sightseeings in Jakarta, you can also ride the City Tour Bus for free.

Car Free Day

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Wake up in the early morning has become a challenge to many of us. But, we insist you to do it for Car Free Day, once in your life. It’s one of the best feelings in the world to walk the road without all that traffic and buzzing cars. There’s a lot of activities that you can do such as riding a bike, walking around with your fellas or even doing aerobics.

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Exploring Cultural and Historical Sites

Jakarta is not just about cool places, fancy dining, thrilling sports, and hip events. It’s also about culture and heritage! Therefore, as a Jakartan, it’s a MUST for us to dig a little deeper about the history of our beloved city. You can visit some of the historical places like Kota Tua, Jakarta China Town, Betawi Cultural Village and many more. Jakarta is a city with many stories to tell.

Street Foods Hunting

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Jakarta offers you many delicious street foods! Martabak, nasi goreng, mie tek-tek, bakso, gado-gado, sate and many more (we were hungry all of the sudden after mentioning these foods). Well, you can’t expect that it will be a fancy and convenient thing to do, but trust us, you have to do it. Our street foods are legendary!

Cool Hang Out Places

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And yes, you can pamper yourself once in a while when in Jakarta. We have many big malls, posh restaurants, gorgeous rooftop bars, lovely coffee shops, exciting entertainment and many many more to explore. Jakarta has never ran out of cool places so don’t you worry, you will always find the thrill.

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