The Margarita Festival is here!

After the happening Martini Week, Jakarta & Bali will be hosting it’s first ever José Cuervo Margarita Festival. That’s right citizens, from 12th – 25th February 2018, feast yourself on 8 iconic margaritas that can only be sipped on the special dates.

During Cuervo Margarita Festival, Jose Cuervo Especial and Tradicional will be the hero of the drink to give a bit of sweet, a bit of sour, and plenty of local flavors muddled in the spirit of celebration. The creations itself are further elevated with each mixologist’s signature style to draw out the unique taste of each cocktail. So have fun, and start exploring!

Furthermore, we voted our top pick – by our favourites – and here it is:

1. Publik Markette (Frozita)

2. Savoi (Golden Kyuri Margarita)

3. Super Loco (Sangria For Two)

4. Wilshire (Slippery Panties)

5. Por Que No (Chocolate Margarita)

6. De Luca (Forbidden Kiss)

7. Lucy In The Sky (Lucy Daisy Margarita)

And for Number 8 – it’s another Margarita at The Rock Bar Bali (which we unfortunately can’t savour!) 

So, what are you waiting for? Save the date and don’t miss the fun!

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