The Irresistible Bazaar Vo.18 IS BACK!

GOOD NEWS LADIES! The Irresistible Bazaar Vol.18 is back this year in Grand Indonesia West Mall – Exhibition Hall level 5 from 6 – 10 November. So if you keep missing out the previous Irresistible Bazaar, then this time it’s your chance to visit and to finally get your dream bag with the best price they can offer. Since honestly because there are so many tenants inside, it’s easier for you to compare the price and quality between each seller. The first day at The Irresistible bazaar was so crowded and exciting as usual. For your comfort, visit on the second or third day in the afternoon would be nice, since there will be more space for you to shop.



Standing in front of the entrance, you can feel the excitement to shop! And they used the whole venue inside the exhibition hall so it’s more secure and easier for visitors to focus on shopping. Since you know buying expensive pre-loved item need more concentration and attention to details. And fun fact, we noticed one tenant or two having garage sale inside, so the price is seriously way cheaper! In the back area of the bazaar, luxury perfume and imported makeup brands like Kylie Cosmetics are also spotted, and just like all the branded bags there, they are 100% authentic!



List all your favorite designer’s handbags from A-Z! You literally can find every brand here, from Michael Kors and Coach to Prada, Balenciaga, Celine, Gucci, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and even Hermes! Branded shoes and heels like the classic flat shoes and colorful heels from Tory Burch are also spotted! Or perhaps you are looking for accessories for your handbags, or branded bracelet, scarf and belt. We uncovered tenants that showcase small orange boxes aka Hermes.



And to spoil the tea a little bit, Irresistible Bazaar team always has an advance preparation months before the D-day of the event, that’s why to maintain your trust and anticipation to their arrival in the city, all the tenants who want to be a part of The Irresistible Bazaar are always filtered and selected carefully to ensure the bags they sell are authentic and still in the best quality. So if you happen to visit them within this week, you will see most of the tenant showcase their branded handbags like Hermes, LV and Givenchy sealed inside a clear plastic wrapping to avoid unwanted stain or dust. Like they really look after the bags they sell to another level!



By the way, since in Grand Indonesia, they rent the whole space exclusively for The Irresistible Bazaar only, it’s much more spacious that in the very back area, F&B tenants still can take some space there, complete with seating area. So if you happen to bring a companion with you, they can wait there and enjoy variety of meals, beverages while you shop!



SO SAVE THE DATE! And experience entering luxurious walking closet just like the Kardashian, shop until you finally achieve your dream handbags. The irresistible Bazaar is only here in the city until Sunday 10 November and opens all day long from 10:00 – 22:000! If you wish to stalk the participated tenants in advance, you can visit @irresistible.bazaar instagram account. Happy Shopping Ladies!



Where : Grand Indonesia West Mall Exhibition Hall Level 5

When : 6 – 10 November 2019

Instagram Profile : @irresistible.bazaar

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