The elevation of Co-working space by REQ Space

Freelancers and startup company has become a thing now, and not to mention the number of remote workers continue to rise. So the shift towards co-working space in Jakarta played an influential role in how and where we work. With the expanding co-working space business in Jakarta, it has become no surprise if mostly they are already overcrowded with young ambitious millennial, which is a good sign but for the rest of us who has trouble finding one with more quite and private space, can become a challenge.


So quick questions, what make a good co-working space? Is it the facilities interior design? service? price? space area? Most Co-working space that has existed for a while now have open space design in one floor, you can refer to the movie “The Intern” and take a look at Jules Ostin office space for clearer picture. A public area office desk can be way too disturbing for people who really need to keep themselves in the zone and concentrate to whatever they are working on, especially for meetings and private discussion. So recently uncovered and newly opened Co-Working Space in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta called REQ SPACE can be an attractive choice.



REQ SPACE consist of one building on its own land with 5 floors including outdoor rooftop area, and as discussed previously, REQ Space has more private area in each floor with access doors to keep things private and comfortable. Breaking down each of REQ area, except for level 4 is Req space internal office:

  • Level 1: Receptionist and Kitchen Area, Cheers to free flow coffee and tea. ( extra charge for
  • Level 2 : Office desk area part 1 with 2 meetings room inside
  • Level 3: Event Space and Office Desk, it’s more spacious than level 2 since you can use it for
    function room. And also your very own reading room!
  • Level 5 : Outdoor rooftop area for smoking, and Musholla



As you guys see above, REQ Space has simple yet sophisticated side of modern design, with a touch of avant-garde art pieces to splash up vibrant colors to the whole ambience for remote workers to stay comfortable but still amazed by the first sight they enter the work space. Additionally, each floor got this one petite area outside the office desk for lunch break and coffee time. Also additional point for REQ space, you can request to the staff to set up the meeting rooms according to your needs!



Two hours office desk rent cost only IDR 50K, but for the best deal, it’s better for you to take IDR 100K per office day for one whole day. And should you wish to rent for the whole month REQ space offer IDR 1.500.000 for one month with endless benefits you can enjoy, from free locker, free meeting room included, and of course free flow coffee and tea for the whole day.

So calling out all the start up business who are still looking for an office space, here is the complete information about REQ Space for you to note down:

Address : Jl Pos Pengumben Raya 12A-B, Sukabumi Selatan Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta

Instagram Profile: @req_space

Contact info : 0821 2552 0100

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