The Comeback of the 17 th Irresistible Bazaar

Reminiscing the good old times last August at Irresistible Bazaar, where it has become one of the most anticipated pre-loved branded fashion items, mainly designer handbags but you can find other branded fashion accessories like watches, wallet and shoes! Irresistible Bazaar is known because all the sellers here are 100% trusted and has been carefully selected by Irresistible team, so you can only find high quality, authentic item with the best deal each seller can offer you.



Since the fact that pre-loved branded item can sound a bit skeptical, especially nowadays there are tons of online sellers for pre-loved branded bags, and it’s becoming a trial and error thing if you wish to purchase something in a high price with high expectation. So Irresistible can be your stepping stone if you are a first timer buying pre-loved designer handbags. Tips & Trick for first time shopper, you can collect as much name cards as you like on the bazaar, so next time you wish to do another purchase online, you know who to reach out!



Anyway, back to the 17 th Irresistible Bazaar this month from 11 – 15 September at Main Atrium, Gandaria City, they return your all time favorite seller like Adel’s Branded Bags, First Studio and Thania Bags. Also spot other tenants with fresh exciting items aside from handbags:

  • The Outlet of Brands : Tory Burch Shoes, Designer Wallet and event Leather Cleaner
  • The Cupicuff : Branded Designer Belts and Handbag Accessories ( Chain)
  • Five5heh : Branded T-Shirts
  • : Branded T-shirts and Dresses
  • Vera Closet : Rolex Watches, Valentino and Tory Burch Shoes, Chanel & Hermes Birkin Bags
  • Valerie’s Closet : Branded Designer Watches like Marc Jacob and Michael Kors

And many other trusted sellers you can visit to check out!



Another stand out point for the 17 th Irresistible Bazaar: the location is strategically placed in the middle of the shopping mall with this HUGE LED sign where it will caught your eye from far distance. And we love how the each tenant is placed accordingly, even some booth looks like the Kardashian’s walk in closet full of colorful Hermes Birkin, customers can shop more comfortably and has all the items are
showcased up front so everyone can eyes on the handbags immediately.



Last but not least, here is the full recap of the 17 th Irresistible Bazaar, Be Sure not to miss it!

Where : Gandaria City Mall at Main Atrium
When : 11 – 15 September 2019
Instagram Profile: @irresistible.bazaar

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