The Annual Hennessy Artistry

Hennessy Artistry today brought together six local artists — Andien, Mario Ginanjar, Teza Sumendra, Giselle, Radhini, and Jevin Julian — into Empirica Jakarta, treating cognac and music enthusiasts to a sensory-load experience that celebrates the ultimate mixing of sound, sight, and taste. The annual Hennessy Artistry returned for its fourth year to our vibrant capital, Jakarta, with each year adding a newer dimension and sensation to the live music-cum-clubbing experience steeped in sophistication and style.
 Teza Sumendra, Mario Ginanjar, Andien, Giselle, Radhini, Jevin Julian, Andrianto Surohadikusumo and Jak Tim Lee
Showing its commitment to supporting both established and rising local talents, this year’s Hennessy Artistry celebrated music from different genres, from jazz to R&B, ballad, pop, beatbox, and to even a mashup of dance music subgenres, as represented by DJs Tiara Eve and Dipha Barus. Each artist’s performance is laced with musicality from five different continents and with fashion shows by Maison Baaz Couture, Yola Amijaya, and Galih Prakarsa — all flowed in harmony with Hennessy’s passion about blending music, art, and culture.
 The crowd
Hennessy Artistry has drawn some of the world’s most talented artists since its inception in 2006 in New York, where Kanye West, The Strokes, Goldfrapp, and Carl Coxx delivered high-end performances before a cosmopolitan crowd. Due to its overwhelming success, Hennessy Artistry has since exported “The Global Art of Mixing” concept to Europe, Africa, and the whole of Asia, including Indonesia. Blending talents of different genres while celebrating the courage to pursue a dream in stunning, by invitation-only
parties that offer complete sight, sound, and taste sensations in a combination rarely to be found in one music event — it is what the Artistry is all about.
Hennessy Artistry Press Conference
“We’re extremely excited to celebrate the fourth installation of Hennessy Artistry this year in the capital. Artistry is another of Hennessy’s successful global campaigns which specifically pays tribute to music, and through Artistry, our 250-year-old cognac brand has been recognized as one of the true champions of the music community around the world,” Kevin Tong, Chief Representative of Möet -Hennessy Asia Pacific, said.
 Hennessy Artistry 2015 at Empirica Jakarta
The Hennessy artistry events are more than just music concerts, as the ultimate experience includes mixing bars where party-goers learn how to concoct Hennessy long drinks. At this year’s event, hundreds of VVIPs and VIPs were seen not only reveling in the raw talent and musicality of the performers, but also enjoying signature Hennessy long drinks, such as Hennessy Ginger, Hennessy Citrus, Hennessy Soda, Hennessy Apple, and Hennessy Berry — all served in specially designed bars that added zest to the phenomenal going-on.
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