Tarot Readers in Jakarta

Looking for tarot readers in Jakarta? Whether you want them for your special occasion or maybe just seeking for consultation about relationship, career or other things in your life, this article would be the answer!

Madam Arra

Photo: Courtesy of www.madamarra.com

If you’re looking for a tarot reader in South Jakarta, you can visit Madam Arra. Not only tarot reading, she is also able to do palm & signature reading and fengshui. She has been featured in several online media and TV shows too. On 2011, she won the Horo Live Event Season 2, an annual fortune teller competition in Asia!

Where: Jl. Benda 54A
South Jakarta

More info: www.madamarra.com / +62817 6038 458 (Widya)

Soraya Halim

Photo: Courtesy of @sora_tarot

Another tarot reader that you can find in Jakarta is Soraya Halim. She specialises in tarot reading, face reading and oracle counselor for healing. For meeting and consultation, you can directly contact her on line.

On October 31st, Soraya Halim will come to Vin+ Kemang for their Halloween event, so maybe you can come and visit her if you have time.

More info: www.sorayahalim.com / soraya_86 (Line)

Ella Mirella

Photo: Courtesy of www.kapanlagi.com

Ella Mirella is a certified tarot reader and also relationship consultant. She can also do palm, tea & wine reading, clairvoyance, and also business & career consultation. She had been interviewed for some TV shows, magazines, online media and radio. You can consult with her by online or meeting her in person.

More info: www.ellamirella.com / +62812 9862 5239

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