Tangerang for Dummies: An Introduction

Hey guys, we are really excited to present to you our newest YouTube series, Tangerang for Dummies.

We’re doing this because we realise that people in Tangerang often go to Jakarta and know where to go. But Jakartans are often lost in Tangerang. So, my name is Clara and I used to live in Tangerang for a while and there’s so many great places to explore here and I want to share it with you guys. I brought a long my coworker Maria who has never been to Tangerang before.

What is Tangerang for Dummies?

It’s a guide for everyone who wants to explore Tangerang but don’t know where to start. It would be a great¬†escape from hustle bustle Jakarta without travelling too far.

So better check our YouTube channel for the full videos. For your convenience, we have linked our blog post with YouTube video in here. We have new episodes on YouTube every Tuesday but you can read ahead on our blog the Saturday before.

Season 1: Gading Serpong

Episode 1: Enigma Restaurant, Sports Bar, and Pool
YouTube Video / Blog Post

Episode 2: Istana Nelayan Restaurant (COMING SOON)

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