Taman Anggrek strikes back

One of the oldest  mall in Jakarta is Mall Taman Anggrek, when it opened in 1996, Mall Taman Anggrek was the largest shopping center in Southeast Asia. After redisign their North wing, there’s so many new store open in Mall Taman Anggrek. Are you curious? Here The new store that open in Taman Anggrek North Wing (Groud Floor)!





This one is famous for their cute unicorn concept and amazing drinks. The most Popular is their Okinawa Brown Sugar Boba, and trust me this one gonna make you addicted. Their Milk surely have deep and sweet taste almost remind me of candy and their brown sugar is delicious too, plus their boba is soft and chewy, It’s perfect combo to complete your day! And don’t forget to try their other menu like Lemonade Stardust, Unicorn drink, and their newest drink Brulee Kyoto.

Price : Around IDR 30.000 – IDR 40.000



Liang Sandwich Bar



This Hits Liang Sandwich is also open in Taman anggrek. They use prata bread that making the texture is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, it’s hits the spot everytime! You have to try their Chicken HAM & Cheese sandwich or Jay Chou’s Favorites Chicken Sandwich

Price : Around IDR 30.000 – IDR 40.000



Hokkaido Puff



Like it’s name, They serve you with Ice cream in a puff. With 8 ice cream flavour Matcha, Choco Lovers, Black Sesame, Vanilla, Durian, Rum and Raisin, Strawberry, and Sweet Caffeine, which one will you choose?

Price : IDR 30K



1617 Bakery & cakes



Homebaked goodness, they served so many kind of cakes like es teler cake, klepon cake and single cakes. And you know their single cakes is quite unique, they have rare flavor that you’ll never find in other bakery which is Abon cake, Mocha Nougat cake, klepon cake, chocovado cake, pulut hitam cake, Es Teler cake, Mocha Salted Caramel Cake, and many more.

Price : IDR 35K



Cendol Queen Elizabeth



One of favourite green desserts ice cendol, it’s a traditional pandan jelly served over ice topped with palm sugar syrup, remind us of our childhood! And they serve not only classic traditional cendol but also modernized cendol

Price : Around IDR 22.000 – IDR 30.000



Gordon Donuts



You have to try their most favorite flavor Creme Brulee, it’s donuts with vanilla pastry cream filling, coated and torched with sugar glaze to create that smoky crisp flavor, Mocha Bomba its a chocolate and coffee cream filling, bruleed dough with additional shiot of espresso, or you can try their Ferrero Rocher, It’s super delicious, make’s me drolling already.

Price : IDR 15K/ Donut



Pig Me Up



Japanese style grilled pork belly is now opening in Taman anggrek. You can choose to eat the pork belly with rice or noodle. It’s really something you need after work to gained back your energy, their pork belly is super tender, with delicious sauce, it’s surely a perfect combination.

Price : Cha siu Ricebowl IDR 45K






This Coffee shop is a cozy place to hangout with friends while enjoying good coffee. You have to try their  watermelon Latte, it’s a collaboration of Fore x Olivia Lazuardy. The coffee taste like typical classic latte, but it has a hint of watermelon, and it smells so good almost like candy. It’s really shows the feminine side of coffee.

Price : IDR 35K



POP Chop



These Taiwanese Crispy chicken is also open in new north wing mall Taman Anggrek. With so many flavor like salted egg, Cheese & Crunch Beef, Barbeque Grilled Sauce, Taiwan Paper, ang many more, it’s surely a perfect snack for complete you day

Price : Around IDR 25.000 – IDR 52.000



Kopi Kenangan



One of the most famous coffee shop in Jakarta. Their coffee has deep taste, but not overwhelming so it’s still good even for someone who not into coffee and the price is affordable too. You have to try their kopi kenangan mantan, or if you want something sweet and not coffee you can try their regal shake it’s Super Good!

Price :

Kopi Kenangan Mantan IDR 18K

Regal Shake IDR 29K



Hei Hei



One of hype brand that provide brown sugar boba. You have to try their Signature Brown sugar boba and Besides boba they also have the unique galaxy tea series like Blue coco it’s combination of coconut water and butterfly pea with cherry.

Price :

Brown Sugar Boba Milk IDR 25K

Blue Coco IDR 30K



Bakpau A-Satu




One of the best bakpau that you can easily find in mall is this bakpau. The super soft steam buns with so many type of filling that you can choose, from pork to something classic like peanut. One of the best is their bakpau special, its’s filled with soy pork, shredded chicken, chinese sausage abd braised soy sauce egg, or their bakpau babi merah it’s steam bun stuffed with chasiu, super delicious! if you want something classic and sweet you can try their bakpau kacang merah.


Red Bean IDR 12.000/ Bakpau

Special IDR 27.500/ Bakpau

Bakpau Babi Merah IDR 13.000/ Bakpau

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