XPANDER Tons of Real Happiness

XPANDER ; " Agent Of Tons of Happiness"

A Gastronomical Valentine’s Day at Colonial

A little bit of fancy in your life

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Edible Gold at Atiz Wine & Dine Jakarta

Take in the breathtaking sights of Jakarta as you wine and dine

RUCI’s Joint Jakarta, Let’s Hang Out!

A new cross brand social space in Senopati

The Best Fitness Centres in Jakarta

Time to slim down, tone up, and kick lazy in the ass!

Feeling Cosy at Caribou Coffee Jakarta

Coffee lovers rejoice, for Caribou Coffee has come to Jakarta!

Belvedere James Bond SPECTRE

Stay classy, gentlemen.

Celebrating 150 Years of Cocktails Tradition!

Relax and booze your day with us