A Sweet, Sweet Treat by Benedict

“Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance.”

That’s exactly what Benedict wrote in the menu card from the Dessert Omakase event yesterday. And no doubt, their desserts are definitely the best ones!

In this event, we also met the new pastry chef, Charins Chang who introduced us to her creations.

These four desserts are the best thing that happened to us on that day. Let’s take a look!

Fruit Crumble

Seasonal fruits, crumble, cotton candy, ice cream.

Butterscotch Bomb

Fluffy pancake, butterscotch custard, gula jawa syrup, strawberry sauce, fresh fruits.

Puncak Getaway

Chocolate rice pudding, jawa tea cake, frozen chocolate soil.

Genie Tonic

Cucumber gelee, gin granita, lemon foam.

Our favourite goes to the Butterscotch Bomb. The pancake is soft and the presentation is very beautiful. Overall, all menu were well executed and we really enjoyed the time we spent in Benedict.

Kudos to Chef Charins for the lovely desserts. Beautiful and talented, couldn’t ask for more!

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