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For the past one and a half year, everyone has been going gaga  over Cheese Tea, it started first from Taiwan and mainland China. The trend of Cheese Tea is not like a “come and go” series of trend, people are actually loving the sweet and savory cheese foam with a delightfully fresh finish till the last sip. In the city, you can find bobba and cheese tea stand probably in every shopping mall existed in Jakarta, can you name one mall that has not Bubble Tea nor Cheese Tea in it?

Yes, they are everywhere nearby you, however it is sort of a task to find that one brand that actually could make a stand point from the rest of tea brand. We believe it is an honest truth that not all Cheese Tea or Bobba Tea  are good, some of them might be too sweet, some maybe too bland to suits our taste bud, or worse some maybe taste artificial.

Last December, Yuzuki Tea made its very first Grand opening at Lippo Mall Kemang, South Jakarta. and just like one finger snap, Yuzuki Tea is the answer to our long time search for that perfect cup of Taiwan Tea Creation. and look at the place, instead of a booth stand, they decided to open a spacious and cozy spot for you to bring over a group of friends. and the lighting is bright with a modern touch.




By the way, only few minutes after the grand opening, people are already lining up, the anticipation were real! before we finally talked about how amazing their Cheese tea are, Yuzuki also offer bakeries right in front of the entrance so that you have something sweet to munch on while sipping your fruit tea or bobba. and the selection of bread comes in captivating colors that is eye catching and appeals your appetite.



Moving on, starting from two different flavor of Cheese Tea that we tried, are the Berry Cheese tea and Mango Cheese tea as recommended in the menu. and drum roll…… they are really GOOD! we are surprised by how fresh it taste, they use legit real tropical fruits and we don’t taste any artificial coloring or sugar in it. And not to mention the thick cheese cream on top that is generously given to each cup. The cheese itself is creamy, savory + sweet that goes well with the fruit juice without overpowering it.



Furthermore, take a closer look at how adorable the packaging are! besides Supreme Cheese Tea, Yuzuki also offers many kinds of Taiwan Tea Creation such as Signature Mixed Fruit Tea, Supreme Fresh Fruit Tea, Dirty Tea, Milk Tea and even if you like the OG taste of tea choices, Yuzuki also offers Pure tea from Jasmine to Oolong Tea.

There are two choices of cup, Medium (M) for 500ml and Large (L) for 700ml. The price itself is reasonable and of course worth every penny. for Cheese Tea it cost you around IDR 33K – IDR 55K for medium size. and IDR 38K – ID 47K for Large. The rest categories of Tea range around IDR 20k – IDR 45K.



In addition, Yuzuki’s Signature Mixed Fruit Tea is also a MUST TRY! especially if you often get dehydrated from the heat in Jakarta, this huge fruit tea is highly recommended, just look at that luscious huge chunks of fruits inside! they come in XL ( 1000ml) and cost only IDR 48K, you can share it or save it for the rest of the day. This one also comes in Lemon Tea flavor.

To wrap this up, Yuzuki Tea is located at Lippo Mall Kemang, UG Floor ( right beside Imperial Kitchen & Dimsum) near the outdoor area of the mall. Yuzuki is also available at GO-FOOD and you can get lower price. for more info and update follow their IG account : for now until 7 January enjoy buy 1 get 1 Free promo!

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