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Nestled in Sudirman Area, this Co-working space is not the typical rented co-working space that are already scattered all over the city. So the trend of having your actual office for your start-up business by renting in a certain period has been escalating  for the past few years, with complete office facilities like free flow coffee, meeting rooms and printing services make a co-working space even more wholesome. However, one major problem that affect people decisive manner  is the price charged for one desk.

Generally, Co-working space will charged around IDR 75.000 – IDR 200.00 per desk for one day, and some even will charged IDR 50K per hour only for one person & one desk only, excluding any meals or beverage, maybe that’s the reason why we often find co-working space kind of empty, and coffee shops are always full with people working in front of their laptop or doing meetings.



Coffee Shop is a great place to hangout, but problems like slow wifi connection. narrow space with small coffee table, then you don’t have enough space to put your files, laptop and bags, and not to mention crowded and noisy ambience that lower your concentration. Well, Hiveworks Co-working Space & Cafe seems to noticed these issue and create the perfect solution by combining the best of both world.

Located at Jl. Karet Ps. Baru Tim. 5 No.25, RT.17/RW.9, Karet Tengsin, Tanah Abang, Kota Jakarta Pusat, ( beside Citywalk Sudirman & Pavilion Apartment), Hiveworks will make you stay in awe once you arrived with its well crafted exterior with spacious parking lot in front of the building. And wait till you get inside, its even better and honestly, couldn’t find a better space for work than this.





By implementing a communal cafe into a co-working space is a brilliant idea to keep customers coming in and of course pricey desk will not be a burden for us as customers. So by purchasing any beverage or meals at Hiveworks Cafe, you are allowed to sit for long hours in their co-working space area with wide sized table, numerous charger circuit and of course strong wifi connection.

The ambience is as calm and comfortable as seen on the pictures above.  Since its a co-working space, people enjoy their meals and coffee quietly, and talk in a low-volume voice without bothering anyone. Oh and by the way, the communal cafe also provides smoking area.

However,  they do have one office space in the back area that can be rented monthly ( if you wish to visit regularly or have your own private office space). So for 1 month : IDR 2.000.000, 6 months : IDR 10.000.000 or IDR 1.750.000 if you pay per month and 12 months : IDR 18.000.000 or IDR 1.500.000 per month.



Another additional information,  the communal cafe area is also available for any corporate or even private event such as talk show, workshops, product launching and many more. And this time, there is minimum purchase, if the event is held for 4 hours long, you have to spend IDR 2.000.000 and IDR 4.000.000 for 8 hours, excluding 10% tax.

Hiveworks have two meeting room beside the communal cafe, and both are completed with TV and projector. here is the rate list for renting  a meeting room : 1 Hour : IDR 350.000, 4 hours : IDR 300.000/hour, 8 Hours : IDR 200.00/hour. excluding 10% tax.

Printing Service : 1-100 sheets : IDR 2000/sheet, 101-200 sheet : IDR 1500/sheet. exclude 10% tax



Now getting down to the most anticipated part, the food and beverage served by Hiveworks are amazing! they have option like Breakfast, Pasta, Rice, light bite and sweets for coffee companion. The portion is huge for one dish, even for the dessert! So honestly if you don’t usually eat that much, you can share 1 plate for 2. for reasonable price it offers around  IDR 40k – IDR 70k for one meal,  and IDR 26k – IDR 47k for beverages.

We tried the Potato Rosti with poached egg ( IDR 69k) and Classic Pancake with berries ( IDR 55k) and both are REALLY REALLY GOOD! especially the potato rosti, it just melts in your mouth and with that crispy spinach + bacon on top , flavor explosion all at once. even for the pancake, the three deck fluffy pancakes look so sexy and it literally makes you drool! Satisfaction till the last bite, seriously!




Finally, if you wish to visit here some time soon, be sure to check out their Instagram : @hiveworks_id, or if you would like to rent office space for any event, you may send an e-mail to [email protected]. and we wish you to have a pleasant experience at Hiveworks like JKTGO did.


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