Soulful Gems inside Java Soul Coffee

Uncovering a hidden gem in the city has been always rewarding, since Jakarta is actually full of places that is worth the visit but just never get exposed to people (such a shame eh?), and finding out there is one impressive coffee place, like this can be sounds exaggerating but this coffee shop is truly exceptional, never ever longing to come back to a place just for a cup of coffee, since hundreds of coffee shop offering similar taste, but there’s just something about Java Soul Coffee that keeps calling you back. The taste of roasted coffee bean they use just stick to your palate and give you that addictive caffeine boost you need.



A bit of storytelling on the man behind Java Soul Coffee, Mr. Martino! He is the 4th generation of coffee roaster from Milan where his family still has a 100 years old coffee roastery. He created Java Soul Coffee with different espresso blends and single origins coffee, 100% made from the best coffee farms in the country and roasted fresh every week in his roastery in South Jakarta. Well this explains why their coffee is SO SO GOOD! You will feel the strong coffee aroma at first, the taste and texture that keep you in awe in every sip, and especially if you are a coffee snob you will understand t.he whole coffee experience here.



Java Soul Coffee uses imported coffee machine all the way from Italy! CIME Espresso Machine to be exact, and after doing some research on this machine, CIME is the perfect coffee machine that produce smooth flavorful coffee, without changing the quality of coffee beans at all. Also not to mention that Java Soul only use the highest quality of local coffee beans. By the way they also sell selection of local roasted beans they use, even the ceramic crafted cups and espresso machine. You can shop them all here:




Talking about Java Soul Ambience, it’s very homey with modern minimalist design and splash of green shades and wooden touch; it is a combination of subtle tones that is simply comforting. If you are planning to visit java soul in a short time, be sure to try their basics like Café Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, and Piccolo. Or if you are prefer something less creamy and heavy, a simple manual brew, white brew and cold brew is also ready to be served! For Non-Coffee you ought to try the Barista’s Choice : Crunchy Caramel Regal.



Pair the drinks with classic all time favorite bites from Cheesy French Fries, Pisang Goreng, Sponge Cakes available in Lemon, Pandan and Cheese. Java Soul is your go-to hang out space for coffee time but of course they won’t leave you with hungry tummy. Hearty and Down to earth home cooking from Mie Ayam Jamur, Nasi Goreng Kampung, Nasi Iga Bakar Balado, and Bakso Sapi can be your ultimate lunch and dinner option to fill up your soul and satisfy your hungry tummy.



To give honest rating in every aspect of this place would be 10/10 for coffee, 8/10 for ambience and location, 7.5/10 for service. Those who are lives around South Jakarta, especially nearby Kemang, you guys are missing out big time!



Price Range : IDR 50K-150K / person

Where: Jalan Kemang Timur Raya 50E, South Jakarta

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 09:00 – 23:00, Closed on Sunday.

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