Legendary Soto Betawi Afung

On 1982, Bu Afung and his husband started their own food business, serving home-cooked Nasi Rames. Before that, they were just fresh fruit importers. Other than Nasi Rames, they also serve Soto Betawi which was surprisingly more popular than Nasi Rames. Since then, Bu Afung developed the flavour and decided to sell Soto Betawi until now!

This legendary Soto Betawi Afung has been reviewed by Luke Nguyen, Vietnamese-Australian food reviewer on his trip to Kota Tua. Mr. Bondan Winarno has also tasted this one too. If they have tried this local foods, then you should have too!

What makes Soto Betawi Afung different from others is the colour. It’s Peranakan Soto Betawi with delicate taste, savoury broth, fresh and clean. There are a lot of toppings to choose, from daging, urat, babat, kikil, lidah, tulang muda, paru goreng and sum-sum. You can also choose between kuah santan or kuah bening. They also claimed themselves as the first restaurant that serve Soto Betawi Iga Bakar and Soto Betawi Buntut Bakar.

Other than Soto Betawi, you also have to try their famous Kopi Susu Betawi, Acar Bawang, Es Campur and Es Teler!

They love to hear feedbacks from the customers. For them, it’s a happiness to see that many people still have enthusiasm for Indonesian foods, especially among the food trends recently. Their dream is to open many outlets all over Indonesia and hopefully in South East Asia too so they can promote the richness and deliciousness of Indonesian cuisines.

Best of luck for Soto Betawi Afung!

When: Monday – Sunday
05:30 – 16:00 (Glodok)
07:00 – 22:00 (MOI)
08:00 – 22:00 (Puri)

Where: Soto Betawi Afung Gang Gloria, Glodok / Mall of Indonesia /
Jl. Puri Kembangan No. 8B, West Jakarta

More info: +6221 690 1496 (Glodok) / +62878 0012 3864 (MOI) / +62878 0002 3864 (Puri)

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