Sore Hore Volume 1 By KASKUS

For 19 years, KASKUS has invited you as a community home of various interests and hobbies to exchange experiences and insights in cyberspace. Maybe you have often been together with the community or other Kaskuser who have a hobby. But this time, KASKUS wants to join #AslinyaLo who have different interests in a collaboration forum called Sore Hore, the latest event from KASKUS to unwind on weekends. A place for communities and hobbyists to do and enjoy what they like. Starting from enjoying a variety of rare works and collections, adding insight into the hobbies you like, to be able to also bring home your desired items.

But we can’t called it Sore Hore,  if you don’t trust the community with a variety of interests to explore a theme. you will enjoy the collaboration of several communities in the same place and time. Sore Hore has convinced communities with three different interests to gather together in Volume 1, namely Art, Music, Movie. and those of you who has interest among the three fields immediately goes to Volume 1 Sore Hore, because this event is FREE!    

To Satisfy your curiousity, here is the more insight of what the event would be like :


The first will be a talk show about Art, Music, and Movie with the experts directly. If you want to add insight into your own interests or want to develop other fields, it is advisable to listen to useful dialogue in Sore Hore. 

“Siasat Berkecimpung di Ranah Ilustrasi Masa Kini” dibedah bareng ilustrator Rukmunal Hakim dan Kemas Acil dengan moderator Raymond Malvin.



– Adib Hidayat (Pengamat Musik) dan Ricky Virgana (Basis White Shoes and The Couples Company) bakalan ngulik “Di Balik Kisah Musik Indonesia Menuju Pasar Global” yang Mendunia” bareng moderator Dylan Amirio.



– “Membedah Ekosistem Perfilman Indonesia” bersama Angga D Sasongko (Sutradara) dan Anandia Nurita (Chief of Content Production Visinema) dengan moderator filmmaker Giandra Raka Adrian.





 You can also learn and hear directly from the experts. There are 3 workshops with special offers from Sore Hore. You don’t need to bring equipment because you have already provided it, you will also get a free lunch, and you can take home your own work : 




Illustrators with various styles will  showcase their artworks in this year Sore Hore, and let you admire their scratches right away! and who knows you can chat directly with them to increase knowledge.  Let’s start from Kemas Acil who really loves to make Japanese doodle arts, Febrian Anugrah who are able to bring our characters from pop culture to live, the talented Basith Ibrahim who can create monster characters to pictures and last but not least, Ikhwan W Gani, Landscape artist who is ready to blow your mind.



This year Sore Hore, you can take a visit to the bazaar area with various products from local creative brands! you can shop for knick-knacks from handmade notebooks, totebags, fabrics, clothes, to recordings. Here is a list of tenants who will welcome you there : Bob And Lily, Cleanomic, Colugo, Cresc Artwork, Hip Me, Paper by Karls, Manikara, Pop Kalcer, Pottum, Record Play, Semaya Clay, Show Monster, Tenoon, Zalmon Fabric, BandTemenLoe

And Moreover, the event would not be complete without live music performances, and here are the Line Up : Music Performance by Later Just Find, Rayssa Dynta, Nonaria, Mondo Gascaro, The Goodnight Electric, Pemuda Sinarmas, Live Mural Harishazka Fauzan & Alipjon. 

When : Saturday – Sunday , 24 – 25 November 2018

Where : Cerita Rasa Restaurant, Jl Ampera Raya No 9, Cilandak Timur, Jakarta

Contact Info : Instagram : @sorehoreofficial.


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