Sixth Sense, Beautiful Getaway in Tangerang

Life in this era where things can be hard to handle, competition, work pressures, even the lifestyle we have to keep up with. Usually we can relief our stress by going on a vacation getaway, visiting the local bar, hangout at cafes, and so on. Ensuring a relaxing moment in your hectic lives. It can cost you quite a lot to book a ticket, hotels and restaurants for your vacation, even if Bali is just a 2 hours flight away from Jakarta by Airplane. What if you can find Bali in Tangerang? Which is just a step away from Jakarta.



Novotel Tangerang Pool Bar, Sixth Sense has that amazing Bali vibes that you’re looking for as your gateway.  This spot is perfect to enjoy not only a drink with your friends, also to hangout and chill with your family. They open from 3pm to 1am, if you come around 3pm you can enjoy that Bali vibes fully, with white wood, refreshing pool and cozy wind blowing. The whole atmosphere changes as the sun sets, the breezy and cozy lights changed this spot into that romantic and comfy place where you can spend your dinner and hangout with your friends and family. Even your romantic dinner with your spouse.



When you hear Pool Bar, the first thing come to mind is liquors. That’s what made Sixth Sense different. They provide more than just liquor. Good place to drink should also be a place with selection of good food too. This is the reason why Sixth Sense should be added to your list for your next weekend itinerary with your family and buddies! Here, you can find various kinds of your favorite Indonesian and Western cuisine.



The one that we try and we love is their Sixth Sense Burger, the portion is super with fries besides it. The meat is juicy and tender with melted cheese on top of if, it just amazing!



They also have an oxtail soup, it taste just like how it looks. The soup is so refreshing and delicious, not to thick but light, served with rice, chili and pickles.



One of the drink we adore the most is this one, Million Happines. Served with the big glass that looks like an upside down pineapple, this drink so refreshing with sliced orange and lychee on top of it. This one is totally the moodbooster!



or order the classics, beer or liquor with your choice of sides of chips or Bruschetta. It’s the classic way to enjoy your classy night. And a little secret, they have a live music performance every Friday night, you don’t want to miss this.



When : Monday – Sunday 15:00 – 02:00

Where :  Novotel Tangerang, PL

Jl. Jenderal Sudirman No. 1, Babakan.

Instagram Profile : @sixthsense_tgr

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