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Simetri Coffee Jakarta is the latest coffee bean roasting house to hit Jakarta. It’s so new it’s not even open yet. The café officially opens for business next Friday the 15th of January 2016.

It’s a quaint café located in the backstreets of Puri Indah, not too far away from the major malls like Lippo Puri Indah and Puri Indah Mall. We recommend taking a look at Google Maps before you head there because it can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

Simetri Coffee Jakarta is set in the suburban/housing section, so it’s fairly quiet. Even just from looking at the outside, you can see that it’s got a very simple, no-fuss style about it. Simetri Coffee Jakarta is 100% focused on just their coffee roasting and education so the rest of the menu is fairly simple café fare. It’s a great place for coffee lovers to get together and just hang out.


Simetri Coffee Jakarta Group Table


Simetri Coffee Jakarta Personal Study Table


Simetri Coffee Jakarta In-House Beans


Simetri Coffee Jakarta Decor


There are plenty of windows to let in the natural light; they also have a few sofas and lounging mattresses for those feeling a little lazy in the summer sun. The place itself isn’t very big, but they make do with the space they have and make sure it’s still comfortable for the patrons.



Simetri Coffee Jakarta V60


Simetri Coffee Jakarta V60


Simetri Coffee Jakarta Ethiopia Mokasida V60


They carry a few different blends here originating from all parts of the world and prepared a myriad of styles. The majority of us at JKTGO are Americano drinkers, so we started off with a medium roast called Ethiopia Mokasida. It’s dried naturally, which means it’s harvested and then immediately thrown out into the sun to dry. It’s fairly smooth, and quite fruity. We found there was almost no bitter after taste, but there was also not much of the chocolatiness (is that a word?) that they promised. No sweat.


Simetri Coffee Jakarta Nitro Brew


Simetri Coffee Jakarta Nitro Brew


For those who aren’t really into strong coffees, though the Ethiopia Mokasida isn’t that strong, they also have something called Nitro Coffee where they mix cold-drip with tonic water to create a drink that reminds us of a little bit of beer. That’s probably because of the carbonation. It’s refreshing during a hot day when you don’t want something hot to burn your throat.


Simetri Coffee Jakarta Bean Roaster


While we’re on the topic of coffees, you might have realised that we mentioned earlier that Simetri Coffee Jakarta is a coffee roasting house. Why is that? Well, while they do roast their own coffee beans, you’re free to bring in your own and roast those.

There’s not very many places in Jakarta that let you do that, in fact, we’re not sure there’s any at all. They also have a special Cupping Room where you can taste test the coffee beans you brought when prepared in various ways. You can decide everything from how fine you want to it to be ground to the ratio of coffee to water.


Simetri Coffee Jakarta Iced Coffee


The Spro and Tonic, a mix of espresso and tonic water is another great way to cool off during a hot Jakarta day. It comes in one other flavour, the Coco Spro which is a combination of coconut water, espresso and Sunkist juice. Both are IDR 32.000.

Their Hot Lattes with great latte art, by the way, are IDR 35.000.


Simetri Coffee Jakarta Latte Art Jakarta


Simetri Coffee Jakarta Truffle Fries


Right! On to the food.

They have a variety of sides for you to choose from. The easiest, of course, are French fries. You can just get them plain, but there’s also a Truffle option for you to choose. They also have German-style potatoes that they’ve put in the menu under gourmet fries. The fries all come with a side of sour cream and sweet chilli sauce (which is always nice).


Simetri Coffee Jakarta Brekkie Burger


We also got to try the Brekkie Burger which usually sells for IDR 60.000. A huge 180g beef patty with the lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, caramelised onions, an egg and plenty of melted cheese. It also comes with a side of fries and the same sour cream and sweet chilli sauce that you can upgrade to truffle or German. We recommend not eating the entirety of the bun so that you can save some room in your stomach for…


Simetri Coffee Jakarta Pan Egg Chorizo



Then, for IDR 49.000, there is the Pan Egg Chorizo.

For those who don’t know, a Chorizo is a Spanish-style sausage with plenty of herbs and seasoning. It’s got a pretty unique taste that can’t be found in any other style of sausage. It comes with two sunny side up eggs with the perfect runny yolk, some roasted veg, toasted garlic baguettes and sour cream. It is a bit oily, but we did like the taste. The roaster peppers were naturally sweet and the whole dish just reminded us of simple home cooking.


Simetri Coffee Jakarta S'mores Milkshake



For those looking for a bit of dessert, they have a selection of sweet breads and some pastries. Instead, though, we recommend getting the S’mores Chocolate. It’s not as sweet as the dessert-style coffee drinks you find in most cafés (+1 point), but is great for those who prefer sweeter, milkier coffees.

All in all, we’re really pleased with the great coffee options Simetri Coffee Jakarta have in store for us, and look forward to seeing what they’ll being doing to add the already burgeoning coffee scene here in Jakarta.

Here’s the Simetri Coffee Jakarta Cheat Sheet

  • Head straight for the hand-brewed coffees, after all that’s why you’re here.
  • The Ethiopia Mokasida is a great medium-roast to get you started.
  • If you’re looking for something lighter, go for the Nitro Brew.
  • Ask them about the personalised roasting if you’re curious.
  • Order a nice Brekkie Burger if you’re hungry, or just get some Truffle Fries to share.
  • Top it all off with some sweet S’mores Chocolate Coffee and you’re good to go.

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When: Mon – Sun ; 8:00 – 19:00

Where: Jl. Kemang Abadi 7 Blok A134

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