The Science Behind Lab Cafe

The newest addition in Gading Serpong culinary line up has made its way to the hippest shop house in the area. Inspired by the classic period table, a brilliant concept of school science work space turns Lab Cafe to both nostalgic and futuristic era.

Lab Cafe is apart of Ruko Graha Boulevard in Gading Serpong Tangerang. And it immediately takes you to a trip down memory lane, back in high school seating inside your science lab while doing all that mixing chemical fun stuff. Smarten up with minimalist colorways and splash of green lights that sparkles within dining area creates warm humble atmosphere.

Also notice meticulous takes on every corner of the space, like you can spot periodic table, lab coat, flask and beakers that prettify the dining area. And though its quite petite, Lab Cafe manage to make its dining area comfortable and family-friendly.




Just like one perfect scenario of a science experiment, Lab cafe successfully modified basic meals that has been all time favorites into exciting creations, that can be skeptical at first sight but turns out to be fascinating once you taste them. Centralized in Rice bowl, Mantou and Coffee with a twist in most of their menu option.

Starting with the Rice Bowl, their two top class menu is Korean Gangnam Bowl and Signature New Yorkers. Both are the true definition of simplicity that reflects significant impression. Honestly by the first look, its a bit dubious due to its simple elements incorporated in the rice bowl, but after the first bite its totally mind-blowing, zillion flavors just burst right away, from savory sweet, crunch and creamy all mixed together at the same time!


Korean Gangan Bowl – IDR 29K


Signature New Yorkers – IDR 39K


The Korean Gangnam Bowl is more on the sweet side, signature Korean fried chicken marinated with rich gojuchang sauce serves with creamy sunny side up and warm rice. A perfect treat that cost only IDR 29K. For those who love something savory, you can give Signature New Yorkers a try! ( Southern Hamburg Steak with Mushroom Sauce served with butter rice & egg)


American Mantou Burger – IDR 29K


Also, do yourself a favor and order Their classic american mantou burger. Yupp you heard it right! Instead of the normal bun, the soft and sweet fried mantou surprisingly is a great alternative that blends in really well with the beef patty, homemade mayo and cheese. ( Science!) . Aside from American Mantou, The OG fried mini mantou with condensed milk is also people favorite and only cost IDR 15K.

Lab Cafe serves their coffee inside seperated laboratorium equipment,  gives distinguished feels to your typical coffee experience plus you can adjust the sweetness and consistency level like a scientist.


Signature Ice Coffee – IDR 30K


Pour Over V60 – IDR 18K (Hot) & IDR 21K (Iced)


From Price Point of View, Lab Cafe is very pocket friendly. All of its menu range around IDR 15K – IDR 30Kish which is suitable for students and office employee that are on the budget. Nevertheless,Lab Cafe is the ideal place for you who are looking for something heart-warming, piquant and affordable Located at Ruko Graha Boulevard Block C No.10 Open from Monday – Sunday at 08:00 – 22:00. For information you can contact : [email protected] / IG account : 


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