RUCI’s Joint Jakarta, Let’s Hang Out!

Hey JKTGOers! 

How has your week been so far? Yesterday the awesome gals at RUCI’s Joint Jakarta invited the team over for a meet and greet with the newest stars of the Senopati area.

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RUCI’s Joint Jakarta is a cross-brand social space that combines your favourite up-and-coming food brands and brings them together. These are the ever-elusive Instagram accounts and bazaar food stalls you’ve been dying to try but never got the chance to.

What’s unique about RUCI’s Joint Jakarta is that there will always be new things around because everything from Nebula to Trim Eats is a semi-permanent installation. These brands rotate every few months to make room for new up-and-comers hoping try their hand at impressing us Jakartans. The next rotation will happen March 2016, so get in quick!


RUCI's Joint Jakarta


RUCI’s Joint Jakarta is set up in a three-story building, but only the first level is part of the food and beverage area. On the second level is RUCI’s Artspace, a modern art gallery led by fresh young artists on the Indonesian scene. They’re currently running Painting Workshops with Australian artist Glenda Sutardy, so go check that out.

RUCI's Joint Senopati

RUCI's Joint Senopati
RUCI'S Joint Senopati


RUCI’s Joint Jakarta has a semi-polished industrial feel to it. The simple and clean interior doesn’t detract from the original purpose of RUCI’s Joint Jakarta, which is to become more of a Social Space than eatery. RUCI’s Joint Jakarta hosts workshops, live acoustic jam sessions, local artist exhibitions and co-working is encouraged.

There are plenty of group seating options (like sofas and long picnic benches), but they also have comfy seating for those who plan to work quietly in the corner.

I’ve been told that RUCI’s Joint Jakarta is one of the best places in the area for great Instagram photos. With glass surrounding nearly all sides, there’s plenty of soft natural light coming through and the bar stools are a great way to take advantage of that.
The space is subtly decorated with little ornaments here and there (even the Christmas decorations are still up). Their walls feature local artists and their works and are often changed out – just like the tenants – to make room for the new.

Because RUCI’s Joint Jakarta is made up of seven different tenants, there are a variety of cuisines and courses to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for dessert, a light meal or just some coffee, there’s bound to be something to whet your appetite.

The feeling you get when you peruse your options is similar to the one you might get at the food tent of a local market or bazaar. You’re not sure what to get, so you just end up getting one of everything!
On the left is Chizukek’s Original Japanese Cheesecake. A slice goes for IDR 35.000 and comes in three different flavours: Original, Chocolate, and Matcha (Green Tea). Japanese Cheesecakes are well known for how light they are compared to the ‘traditional’ New York Cheesecake and are often very similar in texture to soufflés. This one in particular just melts in your mouth. Before you know it you’ll have eaten a whole slice and your friends have missed out.

Right next to it is Nebula Seni’s Nasi Campur Khas Bali. This is one of Nebula Seni’s best sellers and is one of their most popular rice bowls. It comes with two skewers of ayam bumbu bali and pork satay, a bit of ayam lilit and pepes ayam, and a whole heap of sambal matah. The sambal on the pork and the sambal matah is what makes this dish what it is.

You don’t see it here, but they’ve also got really great Deep Fried Mozarella Bombs which are perfect for between meals and won’t fill you up at all. It’s not oily at all, seasoned perfectly, and the mozarella really does just melt in your mouth.


Up next is Umabo‘s Ribs Me Up Rice Bowl and Gourmet Steroid Beef Burger.

The Ribs Me Up Rice Bowl is definitely one of the best rice bowls in the entirety of RUCI’s Joint Jakarta. It’s got slow-cooked ribs, roasted eggplants, house-made creamed corn, braised garlic and a runny poached egg. A runny egg white or yolk isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So if you want yours cooked through, make sure you say that when you order. We were surprised at how the slow-cooked ribs just fell apart in your mouth, but also at how all the flavours just come together so make sure you get a big spoonful of everything.

Now, the Gourmet Steroid Beef Burger is a 180g all-beef patty with cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, an egg sunny side up and pickles. We love pickles! There’s not much to say about this. It’s a pretty standard burger with a juicy patty and crunchy fresh vegetables. Not much can go wrong with a burger, after all.

The Ribs Me Up Rice Bowl also SELLS OUT fairly quickly, so come early to get your fill.


Trim Eats and Health & Co. are two fairly popular names around the Instagram community and the  blogosphere. You see them everywhere during market season and always have great tasting, healthy food and juices.

One of the most interesting things on the menu was the Cray Oats’ Healthy “Nasi Goreng”. Don’t let the name fool you. There is no rice in this whatsoever. Just fried oats. THAT MIGHT SOUND WEIRD. But it does taste pretty good. The texture is a combination of slightly al dente and chewy brown rice and it uses traditional nasi goreng flavours.

The homemade Omni Granola Bars are a great way to keep you full between meals. I suggest stocking up on a few for during the week when you only have time for a quick lunch break. It has goji berries, chia seeds, quinoa and a little bit of dark chocolate for sweetness. It goes for  IDR 15.000 so it’s an affordable snack.




To end the meal, we had Nebula’s Famous Açai Heavenly Bowl, a bowl of açai berry, banana, bluebery and strawberry smoothie topped with granola, banana slices, strawberries and shredded coconut. It’s a healthy drink that doubles as a dessert.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, then have a go at Gglato’s Strawberry Kombucha Float or the Granita Affogato. We admit, it’s not the most traditional, but it does have traditional flavours for those less adventurous.

RUCI’s Joint Jakarta Cheat Sheet

  • If you’re here just for a quick snack, go for Nebula’s Mozarella Bombs and one of Lachlan Fusion’s Mini Lasagnas.
  • The Ribs Me Up from Umabo is a must try – but they do sell out quickly.
  • Feeling adventurous? Definitely go for the Cray Oats Nasi Goreng.
  • Then, top it all of with a drink to go. The Kombucha Float is refreshing on a hot day.
  • Check out RUCI Art Space’s latest exhibit on the second level.
  • And don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

When: Sun – Thu ; 10:00 – 22:00
Fri – Sat ; 10:00 – 00:00

Where: Jl. Suryo No. 49, Kebayoran Baru
Senopati, South Jakarta

More Info: +62812 1010 3374

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  • Merry Yana

    I came here few weeks ago and I have to say.. this place does not live up to its hype.. So-so food, snobbish owner (or staffs? I don’t know but they act like they own the place) and literally there is no good vibe there.. Save your time and just go to Kanawa or Caribou nearby instead!

    3 April 2016
  • Tuti m fairus

    Tdk ada no telp unt booking ?

    28 April 2016
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