Rise 2017

We’re finally here at RISE 2017! After months of anticipation, we march our way to the exotic city of Hong Kong. It’s always an exciting thing to see when coming to a start up festival – so many fine inventions, and things to see.

With the number of participants, and fabulous speakers, from Gary Vaynerchuck of Vaynermedia – Piotr Jakubowksi of our own nation’s GOJEK, John Collision of Stripe, Grace Xia of Tencent, and countless icon of the Tech world, RISE is definitely the Tech’s world MET Ball (the annual fashion event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).

With hundreds of talks spread across 3 days, some of the main points that can be summed up are:

1. AI can’t yet beat our creativity. One needs to use technology to amplify one’s ideas.
2. Content is King, Context & Engagement is Queen.
3. To build a multi billion dollar startup, always and always be fast – adapt to change.
4. But if you’re not fast enough, make sure youre innovation is timeless.
5. And as always, follow the market. Do not try and beat the market.
With only 20% Fortune 100 companies surviving the 15 years of tech revolution, one can be quite paralyzed and overwhelmed by the drastic revolution, hence- one needs to step up and own the game. More from RISE 2017, tomorrow.
Ps. In the meantime, you can see the posts from RISE 2017 using #RISE2017

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