Reveal The Greatest Hidden Bar inside a Secret Garden

Once upon a secret in the middle of a lavish garden full of magical memories, there was a hidden place revealed this year, all you need to do is press the magic green bell to uncovered the greatest treasure and best people on earth……

The Garden that is situated at Pantai Indah Kapuk has been a huge success since its first open, the crowd seems to be endless even on working weekdays. Following its top notch service, food and the captivating garden decoration of course, the establishment has add another sister brand with Bar and Lounge concept hidden down below The Garden to keep people entertain even if the midnight has struck.

Last November, Secret Garden Bar & Lounge has its very first grand opening with JKTGO to proudly reveal the newest hidden bar located inside The Garden. So if you haven’t noticed, when you first walk in inside The Garden there’s this stair that takes you to the basement, and that’s they path where it leads you to the Secret Garden. Once you are downstairs, you will notice this huge door that actually can’t be pushed open from outside, so you really need to press the green button right beside the door and the staff inside will open the door for you.

Now to end your curiosity, let us take a look around whats inside this New Hidden Bar :





And if you like some private downtime away from the dance floor, you can sit in the corner beside the DJ table, and this spot has been one of the favorite place where people take pictures. It’s an instagramable corner after all.



In Addition, the vibes here is so vibrant and cozy, even though it’s not quite spacious, it will not suffocate you and makes you uncomfortable when the dance floor is packed. The vibes down there will makes you feel like inside an underground bar somewhere in New York City, with a touch of hanging leaves and flower of course!

Various tapas and cocktails are also available to accompany your night. Starting from Cannoei Dreaming ( Cannoli Shell Filled with Foie Gras Mouse), Supreme Fries Up  ( Truffle mushroom poutine fries), Nachos Kampung with Sambal Matah dipping, there are also burgers, taco and many more. Additionally, for the drinks you can choose from different kinds of spirit and liquor, order them by a bottle or on the rock, and variety of crafted cocktails. Our team has tried their cocktails straight from the bar and it’s addictive!

The cocktails line has quite a distinctive mystical names such as Adam & Eve, Unlocked Me, Mystery Man, The Majestic, Lady Dreamer and many other fairytales name.




In Conclusion, for those of you who love to spend the night with a kick of alcohol and music, Secret Garden is definitely a must visit and we dare you not to come back for the second time, as the atmosphere is to die for, it’s fun yet chill at the same time ( so its not like a rave hardcore night club).  located at Ruko Garden House, Blok B No. 27, Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk, and open from 17:00 – 02:00 on Friday – Saturday and Holidays, 17:00 – 00:00 on Sunday – Thursday.

For more information you can follow @secret.gardenid Instagram Account. 

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