The Return of A&W Asian Mixbowl

The iconic, people favorite fast-food chain restaurant, A&W Restaurant Indonesia is back with the most anticipated menu and surely is missed by everyone! Asian Mixbowl with 3 different flavors has finally made its return to be enjoyed by Family in Indonesia!

If you haven’t try them, Asian Mixbowls are rice bowl topped with three favorite toppings. There are Prawn, Chicken and Fish. Each variant is generously dressed with A&W Special Sweet & Sour Asian Sauce and we have tasted all the three variant, it’s definitely #JKTGOapproved!



Asian Mixbowl Prawn – This is our number one favorite! the portion is huge with three large prawns that are super satisfying and filling, the Asian Sauce adds a perfect additional flavors to the prawn. the prawn itself is so soft inside and sweet, yet crispy on the outside!



Asian Mixbowl Chicken – Served with 2 chicken strips with mixed veggies and of course, not to miss the Asian Sauce. We love the crispy chicken skin as it’s burst with flavors in a first bite, the meat is juicy as well, a perfect balanced with the hot rice and veggies, it makes you crave for more than one bowl!



Asian Mixbowl Fish – For the love of crispy deep fried fish! A&W also have fish bowl for all the seafood lovers out there. And just like the other 2 variant,  this one also caught our attention. Surprisingly, the Asian Sauce really goes well together with the fish fillet and it does not taste weird at all. For you who love seafood instead of chicken, we recommend to try the Prawn and Fish one right here.



Crispy Prawn A La Carte – Other than the rice bowl, they also served Crispy Prawns with 4 each in A La Carte, it’s a perfect snack for you who wish to munch on something light in the evening or if you crave for more Crispy Prawns in your rice bowl! By the way, you can also mix this with their signature sweet and sour Asian Sauce!

Furthermore, you guys don’t have to worry about the price. all your favorite rice bowls are affordable and just right for your budget, so everyone can visit the nearest A&W Restaurant and have one big family lunch with Asian Mixbowl. and they come with a package of your most craved A&W Icy Cold Rootbeer! Here is the price list for your reference :


  • Asian Mixbowl Prawn : IDR 35.000 
  • Asian Mixbowl Prawn & Rootbeer : IDR 43.500
  • Asian Mixbowl Chicken : IDR 29.500
  • Asian Mixbowl Chicken & Rootbeer : IDR 38.500
  • Asian Mixbowl Fish : IDR 29.500
  • Asian Mixbowl Fish & Rootbeer : IDR 38.500
  • Crispy Prawns 4pcs : IDR 32.000
  • Additional Crispy Prawn : IDR 8.500

Additional Information, All variant of Asian Mixbowl is not only Delicious, but it’s 100% Halal for everyone to try! Each menu in A&W restaurants are already certificated from LPPOM MUI. So what are you waiting for? Experience a complete De Ja Vu with the return of A&W most iconic Asian Mixbowl in all JABODETABEK outlets.

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