WHAT: Jakarta restaurant with the best interior and design concept.
HOW WE RATE IT: We may not be an architect or design experts – but these places sure tickles us and amaze us at the same time.
WHERE ARE THEY: Let’s begin, the list folks.

1. The Playground
This is definitely one of the many places that become an instant hit when it first opened. With a quirky design to relive the childhood within you – with its merry go round, and swing seats, dining can’t simply be more fun. The food and cocktails are also filled with various fun fusion menus – so be sure to try it a go. Location based: it can be found in Plaza Indonesia & Pondok Indah luar

2. Lara Djonggrang
Lara Djonggrang is one of the many places for fellow citizens to chill and reminisce the ancient times. A must visit as its also hidden among the city’s major skyscraper.Lara Djonggrang Jakarta

3. Shanghai Blue
Everyone knows this spot – a pure posh interior, inspired by the golden age of the Orient. Dresscode: Cheongsam anyone?Shanghai Blue Jakarta

4 .Cloud Lounge & Living Room
One of the hippest sky bar in town where the crowd is the creme de la creme of this metropolis. Always crowded after 18:00 – plus there’s a 0 degree Vodka Room where the Vodka taste literally like water. Care to try?Cloud Lounge Jakarta

5. Potato Head Garage
Located at the acclaimed city district, Fairground – Potato Head Garage is the place to be. With its glittering chandelier, dim lightning, and chill music – its definitely one of the most beautiful places in the city.Potato-Head-Slider

6. Bistronomy
Last but not least, we have Bistronomy which is dominated with a Victorian feel – the ladies love it here – of course, its amazing for a great snapshot. So there you have it – the restaurant with the best design concept – are we missing on something? Feel free to comment below!SLider-Bistronomy

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