The Red Door: Door to Happiness!

Living in Ancol could be hard for this one girl. She was very sad because she couldn’t find any cool places for hangout around the block. But thank God for The Red Door, now she finds a great coffee shop without have to drive further from her house! And that girl is me, the one who wrote this blog! (inspired by a true story)

Well, maybe I dramatised it a little bit… But yeah, I was very thrilled to hear the news about this newly opened coffee shop in Ancol, since I always went to PIK or Kelapa Gading or Sunter to find a decent one nearby.

Exactly a week ago, me and my team visited the cafe. The building is situated at Puri Marina Raya next to Gerbang Marina Ancol so it’s not really hard to find. You can easily notice the cafe because it’s the only shop with a red door (literally).

This cafe gives the impression of a comfortable home for working and relaxing. It’s spacious, cosy and instagramable. You can choose whether you want to sit indoor or outdoor. They planned to have a coffee class on their second floor, but it’s not open yet. We will let you know once it’s done!

Not only coffee, they also serve delectable Asian fusion foods that will satisfy your tastebuds! We think it could be a great place to take your family for lunch or dinner too.

Daebak Don

Fried boneless crispy chicken in Korean style, spicy kimchi, a daze of Red Door Mayo and sunny side up egg served with white rice. It’s super good! The chicken is tender with a little hint of spicy. The sunny side up egg makes it even better! Best enjoyed while it’s hot.

Quiche Asian with Pork Chasiu and Chorizo

It’s one of the unique menu that you should try at The Red Door. It’s a quiche with pork chasiu and chorizo (a Spanish pork sausage). Perfect to accompany your coffee!

Salted Egg Chips

The “salted egg chips euphoria” is still ON so we praised the team for being very up to date in inventing the menu. We love it! It’s crispy and tasty. Very addicting! We couldn’t stop eating it.

Mushroom Tots

Deep fried mushrooms served with tar-tar sauce. Because we took a long time for taking the photos, the mushroom wasn’t warm and crispy anymore. We think it would be so much better if you taste it immediately after they serve it to your table.


A sweet sweet treat with a little bit of bitterness from the coffee. You can choose which ice cream you prefer, vanilla or chocolate. We chose the vanilla!

Such a wonderful lunch we had back then at The Red Door. We definitely will see them again!

When: Monday – Sunday
09.00 – 22.00

Where: Jl. Puri Marina Raya Tahap 2 No. 4
Ancol, North Jakarta

More info: +6221 2607 3291

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