Red Bull, the number one Energy Drink in the world, held an unique music event in Indonesia called Red Bull Thre3style On 20th May 2016. It’s a workshop for local DJs, showcase. and also a competition that give the opportunity for DJs around the world to show up their DJ skills. This event is suitable to be held because DJ-ing is very popular lately in Indonesia. Mixing recorded music in the real time and creating exciting music that makes crowds partying all night!

Red Bull Thre3style will also help Indonesian’s local DJ to make themselves ready for the competition next year. And guess what, Jakarta has a privilege to host Red Bull Thre3style Workshop & Showcase!

This event was held at KOI Kemang, 3th Floor started at 13:00. The speakers for the workshop were the pioneer of turntablism, DJ Shortkut and Red Bull Thre3style World Champion, DJ Hedspin. All the participant learned some knowledge, skills, and DJ techniques in order to win the competition.

Not only that, there’s also a big party at Domain Jakarta, 22.00 pm. It was also part of the event. Many attractive performances by DJ Hedspin and DJ Shortkut plus local DJ’s – DJ Dipha Barus and DJ Pucuy that makes the crowds stay all night. Can’t wait for another workshop and showcase! Maybe they will make you stay all day and night next year (?) haha!

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