Purchase Your Dream Bag at Irresistible Bazaar

Breaking down the psychology of designer handbags, it has become that one necessary item that girls must own, like at least one designer handbag is enough to meet their need and wants. Why it becomes a need to own expensive bag? Because they can last for a lifetime, a great asset for investment (even if you sell it years later) also the truth about social lifestyle now people out there are eyeing on what you carry around, what you wear especially if you happen to attend weddings and social event quite often, it’s kind of distressing but this is the fact that we have to deal with in this era.



Not to name names, but as you all know some designer handbags can be crazily expensive like Hermes Birkin Bag, can reach to IDR 100-200 million and technically only those crazy rich ladies who can afford it. However designer handbags like Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Fossil can still fulfill your “luxury need and want’ with more approachable price.  Anyway second option if you are looking for branded bags with lower price, pre-loved item can be your ultimate choice and you can find numerous access to buy pre-loved branded goods online.

However, keep in mind that you have to be extra careful when buying luxury item online, because you never know if they are selling 100% authentic item, or in some cases customers may find stain, scratches on the bag once it arrived.

CITY TIPS AND EVENT ALERT!  Regarding the issue above, we are glad to inform the most awaited pre-loved branded offline bazaar, Irresistible Bazaar has arrived in the Grand Indonesia West Mall, Exhibition Hall 5th Floor from 31 July – 4 August 2019. And this is an excellent opportunity for you ladies to finally purchase your dream bag with the best deal! Since all the tenants here are carefully selected by Irresistible team to ensure they are trusted sellers.



And since it is an offline event, you can take advantage to touch, eyes on the details of the branded item and double check for any unwanted stain, scratches. There are about 100 sellers in Irresistible Bazaar and some of the tenants sell similar kinds of the same designer handbags but with different price, which means you can easily compare the quality and price from each tenant, and let you enjoy an unstoppable shopping experience in one go!




Aside from endless choices of Designer Handbags, some sellers also showcase Branded Shoes, Watches, and fashion accessories. Plus there is also F&B section located in the side of the bazaar where you can spot the famous Aroma Truffle Chips that the good people of Instagram talked about lately.




Owning a branded handbag can be consider as a smart choice, since it can last forever, fulfill your social needs plus it is one creative expression to complete your whole look for both casual and formal attire. That is why you can’t miss Irresistible Bazaar this week, you can check out their IG Account: @irresistible.bazaar if you wish to stalk the sellers in advance.  And Last Additional point for the sellers, they were so welcoming and friendly to everyone, despite if you only come by their tenant for window shopping.


When : Wednesday 31 July – Sunday 4 August 2019

Where : Grand Indonesia West Mall, Exhibition Hall Lt.5

Contact Info: [email protected]

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