Potato Head Jakarta: The Brunch Club

Located at Pacific Place, Potato Head Jakarta has recently unveiled their new Brunch Club menu acquiring a wide variety of eggs, waffles, and cocktails. And yes, you read it right we do mean cocktails. Nothing hard, nothing rough, just a classy drink to accompany your brunch. Made up of Indonesia’s local greenery, be ready to expect eggs presented beautifully and served with great service. Savor a collection of egg benedicts, baked eggs, and the all-new cult dish – ‘egg slut’ – never heard that before right? Made up of coddled egg on potato puree, followed by a choice of sweet or savory waffles. Trust us when we say it is delicious. We got the chance to meet Chef Noguchi who curated the menu, inspired by the American brunch cuisine and his Japanese cultural background. You can trust that every bite has been carefully designed to his knowledge. If you do not know where to start, here are our recommendations:

Local herb scented butter avocado tartar finger sandwich

The Brunch Club_Specials_WakeUpSandwich2

Also known as the Open Sandwich or the Wake Up Sandwich, this dish offers a refreshing, sweet, sour, and yet slightly savory flavor that tingles your taste buds. A French sourdough or country bread is toasted to give a crispy texture that compliments the “butter”, which consists of avocado, coriander, cherry tomato, basil, lime juice and topped with a slice of cherry tomato, orange peel, and red radish. The tomato gives a rather savory flavor, the orange gives a sweet flavor, and the radish gives a light flavor that balances the sour taste from the butter. This dish is also originally served with sweet potato fries and a slice of lime on the side.

Prawn Eggs Benedict with crustacean hollandaise, sautéed local spinach, field mushrooms and crisped bread and a local herb salad.

The Brunch Club_Prawn Benedict_1

For the seafood lovers, this dish gives you a filling and flavorful experience with a hint of the sea. Unlike the usual eggs benedict that you would expect, rather than a poached egg, this dish is served with a semi-boiled egg wrapped in a thin crispy white bread, drizzled with a homemade crustacean hollandaise sauce and topped with fresh greenery. Below you will find perfectly sautéed red spinach and mushrooms that dressed with a savory cooking crème. The hollandaise sauce compliments the egg yolk that oozes with delight over the crispy white bread wrap giving you a savory, light and flavorful crunch. In addition, the prawn on the side was seasoned perfectly, giving it an exciting flavor to the dish and a favorite to many foodies.

Baked eggs with Javanese pepper and sautéed mixed vegetables

The Brunch Club_Baked Soft Creamy Boiled Eggs with Paprika Piperade Cheesy Gratin_1

To the vegetarians out there, this dish is perfect for your palette. Consisting of the baby corn, baby zucchini, baby potato, cherry tomato, spinach, kale, rockets, and egg. Served in a pan, the sautéed mixed vegetables are combined and kept together with the baked egg, topped with aromatic Javanese pepper. The great thing about this dish is that not only is it full of fiber and protein, but the dish provides multiple flavors. The zucchini provides a savory flavor, whereas the corn gives a sweet flavor and if you want something juicy and warm, the tomato is there for you. However, although this dish was delicious and brunch-worthy, note that kale is found in this dish as well, which some may not be fans of since it gives a bitter aftertaste. This dish also comes with a crunchy toast, which balances the different flavors from each of the component, making it a very filling, yet a colorful dish. Although, if you are more to the savory and strong dish rather than a more vegetarian and natural dish then this may not be the dish for you.

Sweet waffle with sliced bananas, almonds, shaved chocolate and Bali cacao nibs

Banana waffle
Waffles, what better way to treat your sweet tooth in the middle of the day with waffles and chocolate? If you were wondering what makes these waffles differ from others alike, the answer would be the Bali cacao nibs. These nibs are practically the backbone of the entire dish. It has nodes of chocolate tingling on your taste buds, but then slowly you taste hints of coffee that compliments the chocolate waffles in a new way. However, the only slight concern would be the waffles itself. Although it was served warm, it was also rather dry and mealy and was not as complimenting to the bittersweet chocolate. Nonetheless, the fresh cut bananas glazed with a sweet solution made up for the waffles.

Greek Yoghurt with a passion fruit and mango sauce, cashew nuts, spiced quinoa, and chia seeds with coconut water

The Brunch Club_HealthyPlates1
Let us just say that when we first looked at the menu, this was the dish that we most looked forward to. Influenced by the American culture and the now-trending super foods, the dish did not fail to exceed our expectations. If the sound of chocolate waffles did not tingle your taste buds or if you are looking for something light or something extremely nutritious to accompany your detox, than this is the dish for you. The first glassware held the Greek Yoghurt topped with a layer of passion fruit and mango sauce, which by the way, was very refreshing. The mango flavor gave a sweet sensation and the passion fruit provided a thick consistency and the seeds gave a crunch that was perfect in every bite. This overload of sweetness was perfectly balanced with the rather sour taste of the yoghurt. The second glassware consisted of the spiced quinoa, which gave a light solid texture to the dish and the spices was just enough to coat the sauce and yoghurt with aromatic goodness. And the final component would be the chia seeds with coconut water. This component was more nutritious than flavorful, it boosted the heath factor and provided a hint of jelly texture that made the dish overall, a perfect and a must try brunch your taste buds deserve.

Bellini – Coconut & Cane Juice

Your puree of choice and Italian white sparkling wine (Prosecco)

DIY Bellini (15)
This do-it-yourself cocktail varies in four other flavors; aloe vera, star fruit & pink ginger, passion fruit & vanilla, and orange & pineapple. This drink is served with a champagne glass, a bottle of the white wine and a glassware for the purree, along with a stirring stick, decorated with a component of your puree. The coconut and cane juice provides a tropical and fruity flavor and with the Presco, you get a very cooling and bubbly feeling that brings you back to the tropics. If you are someone who wants to enjoy the wine more than the sweetness of a puree, the Aloe Vera is a recommendation. It provides more texture but it brings out notes of the Presco with a compliment of the aloe vera juice as a light sweetener.

In conclusion, anyone who happens to be in the great city of Jakarta, Indonesia has to stop by Potato Head in Pacific Place and try out their new brunch menu. Join the Brunch Club and you will not regret the savoury, sweet, and flavourful array of dishes perfect for everyone’s platter.

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