Kale and Tomato Spaghetti

Potato Head “Farm-to-Table” Menu

WHAT: Supporting local farmers with Chef Noguchi Haruhisa

WHERE: Potato Head Pacific Place

THE FULL STORY: Potato Head shows their support for local farmers in their latest ‘Farm-to-Table’ menus which putting a heavy emphasize on presenting delicious food made of highest quality seasonal ingredients. Chef Noguchi Haruhisa, the Executive Chef in Potato Head, follow the Farm-to-Table movement originated from USA which aimed to raise awareness of the sustainability of local ingredients quality.

In this occasion, JKTGO team was invited taste some of their featured dishes in the spirit ‘Farm-to-Table’ celebration.


Ricotta Salad

Kale and Tomato Spaghetti

 Kale and Tomato Spaghetti


Grilled Barramundi

The dishes served looks truly appetizing, tangy would be best describing most of the dishes served. Somehow the meals are refreshing with a hint of sourness to them. We love the fact that all of the ingredients are proven to be of high quality and really fresh. If you happen to be a salad freak (like me!), go on and order up their salad.


Bali Chocolate Ganache

You may want to wash down your meals afterwards with some chocolate goodies. Grab their Bali Chocolate Ganache then! The chocolate ganache is made out of dark chocolate, so expect to get some bitterness on your taste buds. Do not worry though, the vanilla ice cream helps a lot. I personally love the sweet popcorn touch to give this dish a little balance.

So, there it is! Potato Head’s ‘Farm-to-Table’ menu introduction. If you are curious of how good our local ingredients really taste, then head on to Potato Head and get some of these great stuffs. I know I would come back for more! So see you there, fellas!


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