Portico’s New Menu

Located in Senayan City, one of Jakarta’s well-renowned malls, Portico is designed and decorated to illustrate the art of a modern bistro. From the moment you enter, Portico displays vintage bottles on its wooden and glass shelves. Followed by the nature of the city through outdoor seating and semi-outdoor seating, which is divided by a glass screen that provides a warm ambience in the day and a cooling nightscape at night. Inside, the restaurant is decorated with leaves on the ceiling to provide a theme of nature that compliments the woodwork of the floors. Guests are provided with the choice a smoking and a non-smoking area. Portico is also facilitated with a well-stocked bar and a friendly service. Food wise, these are some of the dishes we got to try:


Snail wrapped with puff pastry and au jus


Similar to the original French cuisine, this dish differs in its use of puff pastry that is placed above the snail arranged in a circle on the plate. The green sauce compliments the dish as a fresh topping to the escargot and puff pastry, however, when eaten with the pastry and the snail, the sauce dominated the other components and was also rather salty. Furthermore, the size of the pastry was rather large as it blankets the escargot; nonetheless, the escargot itself was cooked to above satisfaction.


Pan seared foie gras with crispy pizza, padano cheese and mesclun salad


This pizza was presented on a wooden platter, dressed with the toppings stated. When consumed, the pizza was crispy and tasted fresh from the mesclun salad and padano cheese on top. The only concern would be how the foie gras is quite undercooked, but overall it was a well-rounded dish.


Grilled wagyu patty, cheese sauce and crispy beef bacon served with potato wedges


Unlike the normal lightly browned patty with sesame seeds on top, this burger is made up of black buns making it standout from all the other cliché burgers around, especially when dressed with the cheese sauce that oozes out delicately. Taste wise; the black burger is really good since every component compliments each other. The beef bacon, although was small, was full of flavor that acted as the main component that brought the entire dish to life.

Biscuit, Nutella, rum, caramel, banana, and cream


A sweet dish that is stacked with the delicious ingredients to make a wonderful desser. The base is made up of a fairly long and thin chocolate crepe that gave a sophisticated element. Often these desserts are known to be too sweet, however, the nutella and biscuit below helped balanced the flavors from the banana, caramel, and cream above. The flavor of the banana was exquisite with the help of the cold temperature.

Overall, Portico is another great place to splurge yourself and dive into an array of foods that will tingle your taste buds. Enjoy your meal with a landscape of the city with Portico’s famous semi-outdoor interior with your friends and family.

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