Poetry Reading Picnic Under the Hot Sun of Jakarta

Last Sunday, our team attended a very cool event hosted by Unmasked Poetry at Gordi HQ. It was an open mic spoken poetry and also Unmasked Poetry’s second anniversary. So, congrats!

The warmth of the poetry that shared by more than 20 readers was amazing. Plus it was a really hot picnic. 😀

Among the readers, there’s one or two first-timer and it was exciting! Spoken poetry is not yet a popular thing to do in Jakarta, so it’s always fun to see new people try it for the first time. The poetry shared, some are personal struggles, some are just beautiful, and some other ones made the audience laugh.


It was a beautiful day and a beautiful weather at Gordi HQ, down at Jeruk Purut Dalam. The place was really cozy, and definitely instagram-able. Thank God they have some fans to kept the audience cool because the event was from 11 AM to 1 PM, you can imagine how hot the sun was.


So, it was a very chill event,  some of the audience drank a cup of coffee and enjoying their meal while listening to someone speak out their poem. Other than the regulars of Unmasked open mic poetry, there was also special guests that read their poetry and one of them was from Malaysia and she was a Poetry Slam champion at Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2016. And the last-but-not-least performer was the rapper Laze. He did a very good performance doing freestyle rap (so the audience picked random topics and he just rap from there).

All in all, it was a great event. Looking forward to find more hidden poets among Jakartans. Once again, happy anniversary Unmasked!

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