Plan Your Holiday Now and Get Special Discount!

Who needs holiday right now? Me, me, me!

For those of you who’re sitting in your office right now, planning to have a vacation with your family, friends or loved one but still want to save money, we have some good news for you!

Raffles Dubai

We teamed up with to give you a special discount of 25 EURO (IDR 415.000) for a minimum booking of 50 Euro for every hotel worldwide. Discount will be given on your check out (means, after the stay) to your credit card. This deal is too good to be missed.

Padma Bandung

Aroma Suites Santorini

Under the Refer a Friend Program, customers of who made a booking (the “Advocate”) are invited to earn Referral Bonuses by inviting Referees (as described below) to make use of the online reservation services. The following Refer a Friend Program Terms apply to the Advocate and Referees (together referred to as the “Participants”) participating in the Refer a Friend Program. may suspend, terminate or change the terms and requirements of the Refer a Friend Program Terms at any time and for any reason. A Referral Bonus already earned in accordance with the Refer a Friend Program Terms before such change, suspension or termination, will be honored.

The term / condition are as follow:  

To book your stay is through this link:

Take a note, you can redeem the discount only through this link. Be sure to save your spot because it’s only for the first 500 bookings!

Let’s share the good news, shall we?

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