WHAT :  Place of Interest Jakarta
WHERE : Take a peek below.
WHY: ‘Cause theres so many things to see in Jakarta and so little time.

1. Fatahillah Museum
One of legendary spot in Jakarta, popularly known as Kota Tua, the Old City of Jakarta, this square offers three of the city’s most interesting museums: Jakarta History Museum, the Puppet Museum, and the Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum, and yes – this place is one of the most favourite spot for photography! So bring that camera along.Fatahillah Square Jakarta

2. Monas
Everybody knows Monas, the Landmark of Jakarta! Within this tall landmark, the Indonesian National History which displayed 50 various dioramas is ready to welcome you. There is a lift on the southern side carries visitors to go to the viewing platform at a height of 115 metres above ground level, ummm hang on! And yes, you may take a lift to see how beautiful the city is! Are you excited? Cause, we are!Monas Jakarta

3. National Museum
The oldest and largest museum in Indonesia with a collection of 141,000 artifacts from diverse areas and historical eras. This place hosts collections of prehistoric and archaeological objects, numismatic (coin collections) and heraldics (coats of arms), ceramics, ethnography, geography, and history.

National Museum Jakarta

4.Taman Ismail Marzuki
The Center of Arts In Jakarta, is a complex located on Cikini Raya Street 37, Jakarta. The Main Attractions here is Planetarium. This Place provides an educational touring facility that presents simulations about astronomy and celestial objects. Planetarium is one of the most wanted place of interest in the city of Jakarta!Taman-Ismail-Marzuki-Jakarta

5.Museum Wayang
The museum hosts a Wayang Golek performance on the second Sunday of every month, Wayang Kulit Betawi on the third Sunday of each month, and Wayang Kulit Purwa on the last Sunday of every month. There is also a demonstration of the making Wayang Golek, and Peragaan Karawitan for public. museum Wayang jakarta

6. Museum Taman Prasasti
The museum has been a hosts for acclaimed names from Chinese-Indonesian activists, Soe Hok Gie, HF Roll, the founder of Stovia, a school of medicine now known as the University of Indonesia, where one can easily spot with its open-book gravestone – and Olivia Marianne Raffles, the first wife of Governor General Thomas Stamford Raffles, the founding father of Singapore. The Museum has also been used as a place to shoot music-video clips and as a set for photo shoots.Museum Taman Prasasti

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