Caffè Millano, one of the establishments under Union group, serves the best Italian cuisines that you can get in town. It’s been a year since their opening and they still have their loyal crowd. Well, thanks to the man behind the kitchen, Chef Luca Pezzera, who has pleased our taste bud with savoury Italian foods.

Nothing says Italian foods like pasta. Pasta is one of the staple food in Italy that is made with flour, water, egg, and salt as the main ingredients. It comes up with different varieties and shapes. In fact, there’s more than 600 different pasta shapes in the whole world!

For an Italian man like Chef Luca, pasta is very close and dear to his heart. For the love of the pasta, he gave us special workshop “Pasta 101” on Wednesday, 25th May 2016 at Caffè Millano, showcasing unique pasta shapes (and his favourite too) like Angel Hair, Pappardelle, and Ravioli. Chef Luca also showed us a hands-on experience in making Cavatelli pasta, a seasonal delicacy at Caffè Milano. So, Cavatelli or “Little Hollows” is one of Italy’s most overlooked pasta shapes. It’s chewy and very addictive! We’re very sure that you will love Cavatelli.

Chef Luca also cooked us the four favourite pastas in Caffè Milano: the Cavatelli Alla Carbonara, topped with an oozing poached egg & aromatic shavings of black truffles. Other highlights are the Ricotta Spinach Ravioli with a sage butter sauce, Pappardelle with veal ragù and Angel Hair with fresh tomato sauce, basil, eggplant and ricotta. For the closure, we’re also given their recommended desserts: Vanilla Panna Cotta with strawberry and citrus salad and Torta Di Mele (Classic Italian Apple Cake). What a sweet ending!

It’s such a privilege to see Chef Luca himself showed us how to make a good pasta. Not to mention, his pasta menu is so damn good too. Overall, it was a very delightful experience! What can we say, no one as good as Italians in cooking pasta.

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Where: Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, East Mall
Central Dept. Store Ground Floor
Central Jakarta

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